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19 February 2014


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I am really impressed to see the Governor implementing these strategies and taking this stand.

I was in Pop in the 90s when the Governor was Mark Taua and the police commander was Jeffrey Kera from the Southern Highlands.

Kera was tough, maybe extreme on occasions, but was very supportive of me as Headmaster of Pop High with a number of issues involving break and enter, violence and attempted rape.

In one instance he captured a group of Goilalas who had come across the trail and were committing serious crimes in the township. He caught them by setting a trap: not telling his police where or what they were doing to avoid the trap being leaked.

That was the police force, its own enemy. This is also the case with the politicians.

It is a tough gig, Gary, as Papua New Guineans need to make a stand on honesty, integrity and example.

I applaud your stand and the results you seem to be achieving. Keep up the good work. On Sena...

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