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02 February 2014


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I agree!

When I was putting together "i-5" i was thinking my god, Lae is seriously in deep trouble.

Without a proper plan and implementation program, no matter how big the national cut of the budget lands in Mr Naru's plate, ain't nothing substantial would come up.

Without a plan, the hundreds of millions are vulnerable to corrupt officers like breadcrumbs scattered on the sidewalk for pigeons and, poof, it's gone.

MPA don't have a plan, they don't even have a structural team to run the offices. Recently, you would have read the Lae city council going on strike, that's exactly what I'm talking about.

I agree with all that you have mentioned, Richard, it is very true that Lae would have benefited as an economic hub since the minerals boom in the highlands.

Another 20 years from now, with the upcoming LNG and other mineral resource projects, all has to be well planned as Lae will still be the import and export point of most of our commodities.

Although a highlander, I love Lae and not Moresby, with the fresh garden produce of the highlands and Markham including its cattle farms feeding the population, the vast coastline mostly hidden from the thick rainforests apart from clearing of the Huon Gulf, and the large spacious flat landscape all the way up to the vast Markham Plains.

With the upcoming new wharf, the government and also the industry have to be heavily involved to come up with strategic plans to make Lae into the economic hub it has always waiting to become - for the next 20 years.

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