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03 February 2014


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To say we were transported back to your Kokoda then, and in your grandma's kitchen is not an overstatement.
The comfort, the security and the experience I am sure keeps you close to your roots.
Great writing of an era fast disappearing.

A captivating read that was. A reminder also of the sad reality that we may lose a lot of heritage tales unless they are written down.

Great memories, Gary.

Oro! Oro! Oro! Oro!
Thankyou for reminding me brother, of my mother!
We must catch up again. Been a long time between cups.
Keep painting brata.

You are a gifted communicator, Gary. One of your mandates from God is to communicate about PNG ... God is with you.

Beautifully written and very evocative.

Let's have some more Gary.

A Very Nice story, desciptive and with meaning.

I almost felt part of the story. That's what writing should do.
Well written.

Ilangin Sangkol

That is a terrific story Gary. The stories told by our parents and grandparents are so important. The verbal history and cultural or custom stories of PNG is left up to people like you to write down and record it before the stories are forgotten. There is nothing like sitting around a fire and telling stories long into the night.
Well done.

Great story Gary.

Yours may be the last generation that can remember a Papua New Guinean life that was not overwhelmingly influenced by the impact of western culture.

Preserving impressions of your traditional culture is therefore important for future generations, who will probably find it a bit difficult to conceptualise what was essentially a neo-lithic society.

As an ex-Kiap I feel incredibly lucky to have experienced such a society when it was still largely intact, but apart from former colleagues from that era, there is almost no-one in Australia who can truly understand what it was like.

I should think that it will soon be the same in PNG, so keep up the writing.

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