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01 February 2014


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I remember Jeff Kera, a hard man but, as far as I know, an honest one. I remember a friend running into him on the Highlands Highway, after he left Oro.

Apparently a tourist bus had been held up and all valuables taken. Jeff Kera and co went off in pursuit of the crims and a few hours later, returned with all the stolen articles.

When asked how he'd managed such a quick result, he said that he knew the village where the robbers came from and 'only had to shoot one pig' before the loot was forthcoming.

Perhaps not text book policing but very effective!

Well done Mr Juffa and the Oro Province police force.

Some years back this province was known as 'cowboy country'

Results will be seen where effort has been made. The governor and the member are showing the rest of PNG just how this kind of outcome can be achieved. Money has a lot to do with it as well as a heart for the people.

Positive news for a change.

This is a very positive step and obviously there is a long long way to go...but well done Gary Juffa.

Back in the early 1980's there was a tough police commander in Popondetta by the name of Jeffrey Kera, an Engan, who had all the rascals and many of the locals and some expats worried as he made a vigorous stand against crime and rascals making their way to Popondetta via the Kokoda track.

I think he was too effective and was transferred back to the Highlands.

It is very good to hear about the work being done in Oro Province to bring down crime levels.
I just wish something similar could be done in the East Sepik but I think that rougue police have been a problem there.

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