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07 February 2014


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Thanks Gary,

is it possible that someone like yourself could raise this matter on national radio and TV and try to find a way out of the obvious impasse the government finds itself in? Someone could actually garner a lot of support if the matter was put in a positive and not negative way.

i.e. "How can we help the government fix this obvious problem that has now been found?"

Nothing is impossible when everyone works together. Maybe BPP could be offered alternative work at the same payment and the tender recalled? There are many other options that could be explored. All it takes is the will to think of them. Clearly BPP will not let those who are beholden to it relax and overturn the decision without some consideration being offered.

However what cost is one person's life worth? What price does one put on the vast majority of PNG people who are potentially at risk? What cost will a legal battle and a potential huge compensation payment the PNG government pay out be worth? What cost will BPP suffer if their drugs are found to have caused death and injury?

As has been said before" 'Evil triumphs when good people do nothing'

Good write up and I agree with much of it.

PNG will only change when Papua New Guineans understand the meaning of true leadership and elect those who are fitting of that definition.

As it is, ignorance prevails amongst the majority of voters and they are confused as to what the the true role of a leader is and the power they wield at the ballot with their vote.

One must also realize that there really is a shortage of genuine leaders offering themselves as candidates. Sometimes you have no choice really but to select either a viper or a asp! Which is better? Which is least worst?

I do agree though that we have to stop blaming others and start thinking and acting for PNG.

Some excellent comments on Facebook this morning. The educated minority in PNG know a lot about what is going on. They know of the way people with authority are being bribed, over and over again.

They watch their friends constantly holidaying in Cairns, moving their family to Cairns, and neglecting their responsibilities in PNG.

This PNG sickness is very contagious. You have to be very strong these days to stand up to bribery and many people appear to be taking bribes.

Everybody wants the best for their family. They must feel that it would be stupid not to accept the bribe, everybody does it.

But believe it or not, there are a few who can stand up to the bribery and are willing to live in poverty, if it means they can have a clear conscience.

But, sadly, many sell their own soul to pay for a house in Cairns! And in the process we see PNG falling apart with the government approving companies with no international standards being allowed to supply the medicines for the village people.

When the government people get sick they will probably be like Somare and head for Singapore or else move down to be with their family in their house in Cairns.

Sam Koim, you need an office in Cairns!

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