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17 February 2014


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It's a stepping stone to move another step ahead. Heads up, looking forward to have a glance of your upcoming writing.

Keep writing LFR. I can see another book on the horizon maybe on losing your true love and sweet dreams when family combined with religious bigotry intervene.

If she really wants you and you want each other badly, make a baby. That should shut everyone up, including her family.
Maybe go back and devote a chapter or two in 'Brokenville'.

Don't even bother about the threat of legal litigation for what you wrote. Lawyers can't kill you. The wigged and robed ones on the bench are mere mortals like you and I and can't cast a spell for you to expire.

The books are real loved

So much was said of when Ishmael Palipal went wandering in Panguna and heard all these gossip.

But giving them back a list of acts they did seem to get them unsettled since all their acts were known throughout Panguna and that relationship was too popular and was a talk of the valley.

But I am prepared to face the music and she keeps sending me phones texts that she is against the court since all is a fact.

But I am just waiting.

This is an occupational hazard that most writers encounter at some stage or another.

But remember the old saying, "any publicity is good publicity".

With a bit of luck, no matter what the outcome, you will be able to turn it to your own advantage.

I bet it leads to increased sales and interest in your book.

If that happens don't forget to thank the people involved.

Keep writing Leonard

Well said Corney.

LFR, my brother from ARB, stand firm and be strong.
My thoughts are with you at this time of challenge.

Just because someone or some people say, they have or will take a legal challenge against you, just not make you or anyone a victim.

Legal challenges are up for interpretation and testing for their full merits by third parties/independent jurors.

Good luck with your fourth book and final year studies.

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