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12 February 2014


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Thank you for your appreciation K Katen.

Hope you found the free download of O Arise! agitating.

Best wishes for the New Year's reading.

Loved it. Loved every beat and bit of all the poems.

Country man, congratulations! If I have the power I could declare you PNG national poet. You thread your poems in a manner that can be equated to Homer and Shakespeare and in most cases shinning light on the socioeconomic and political ills we encounter throwing humour and sarcasm. May the legacy live on!

Tenkiu Isi, but I'm only an Assistant Pig Keeper.

Congratulations pig keeper. Hope you get another one out. Your very recent pieces 'click like a closing box'.

Thanks Gary and Maureen - a book signing may be possible in September.

Congratulations are in order. Any plans for book signing in POM? Would like a signed copy.

Great effort Michael!

Thank you Aunt Geam.

Recitations are a good thought Barbara.

And there was a poetry slam that was staged in POM, although I dont know about its continuity.

Continuity, consistency, commitment...always poor performing in PNG. (God keep the Crocodile Prize!)

Perhaps a little build up at school level, with prizes and glorification - like YouTube-ing events - would raise popularity.

Peter - I'm not sure about other avenues to get the book, although mail order from UPNG Bookshop might be possible, if people don't mind the delay and are willing to pay for it.

Fishpond is selling copies Peter.

My experience was Fishpond was that it referred me back to Amazon, from where perforce I bought my copy - KJ

Just a thought. When I was at school we used to have poetry reciting competitions. I was good at that. I think I won with "My Country" by Dorothea MacKellar.
Now here is a suggestion for PNG schools. Been plenty of good poems on PNG Attitude lately to stir the soul!

Congratulations Michael!

Congratulations Michael.
I think I'm a bit jealous. I love good poetry but have never been able to write a good poem!
But you never know, when I've finished these oil paintings I may have an inspiration.
Best Wishes.

So how/where can we buy it? (If we don't do Amazon and can't get to UPNG, but can get stuff on-line rather than dead wood.)

At present there's no other source known to me, but Michael or Phil may be able to provide more information - KJ

Thank you Ruth and Marlene.

Congratulations Michael. Great job.

Well done Michael, keep up the good work. Proud of you

Thanks for your appreciation Jeff, Bernard, Corney and Steven. The collection has been a long time coming and feels worth the effort now; half a lifetime's adventure.

Excellent Michael, keep it up.

Thanks Michael for the opportunity to see some of your work, thinking and talent all in the one place. Will definitely buy myself a copy. Congratulations.

Well done Michael.

Congratulations brother Michael.

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