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24 February 2014


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Andrew's views are a good plea for trying to retain the 875 languages of PNG as viable languages.

I would question the 1970s as being the advent of elementary schooling throughout the nation. It would seem to have begun in New Ireland only in either the late 80s or even 90s.

Some of the reports in the press over past year appear to show that concentrating on local language has not improved literacy or numeracy.

Feb 14 2014 - At the recent Chamber of Commerce meeting Brian Coombs bemoaned the decline of the education system he had witnessed in his 30 years of living in PNG and the resulting need to recruit too many expats.

Oct 18 2013 Mark Nanu of Morobe Teachers Assoc described the Elementary System as a big white elephant.

Oct 3 2013 PNG has Reading Crisis says Dr Joseph Pagelio former education Secty.

Aug 12 2013 Seeing a child reading a book is a rarity in PNG. National Editorial.

July 8 2013 Many students have not learnt basic reading skills by the end of Grade 4. Emma Hayward.

July 3 2013 Only 16 percent of their grade eight students passed the 2012 Grade Eight National Examination - Frank Evans Sandaun Prov. Administration.

Here in Wales, compulsory Welsh language has been the policy for nearly two decades in an effort to preserve the language yet a report last year showed there are now less Welsh language speakers in the nation.

Artificial attempts to save a language in the 21st century seem doomed to failure and perhaps the wasted scarce resources would be better used elsewhere in the education system.

Universal elementary education in PNG became Australian colonial policy in the 1950s and was pretty much achieved in the 1960s - KJ

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