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11 January 2014


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Thank you, PNG Attitude. Surely if there is any way the writers let their imagination and thoughts flow through ink or by keyboard, you're helping and developing them.

It's always dark if we look to the dark side. I envy those writers in the past who wrote without computers producing draft after draft by hand and maybe by help of a typewriter.

And most of today's children, especially teenagers in this information technological world, they write up to 3,000 words a day, which is counting all their short replies, comments etc on Facebook and other social media. It's a sad trend gripping our young generation of writers.

I would like to write and am always looking for ways which I can. I keep a number of poems I pen.

To all those writers out there, don't stop, all writers have to write and let those imaginations be captured in a book.

And also to the people who write viewpoints, it is realy distasteful to read the same issues but sometimes I read them to see how it is stressed, the way the writers have structured and brought about their points to be really heard.

We have so many writers and imaginative people untapped, the government is not our issue when we have a pen and paper, let's capture the life and one day hopefully, publishers will rise and your stories will be treasures on shelves when they come to see the need.

Write what you can wherever you are, how you see, how you feel, how you can in your own unique way.

Kela Kapkora Sil Bolkin. You did a fine job with the book. It took you years to produce that.

Selling is an art as well and takes patience. It also involves skilled strategy and management.

My prayer is that you approach that intelligently as well without resorting to scoffing at people and/or leaders unnecessarily.

My struggle to get MPs from my Province to get a copy or even buy bulk copies of the Flight of Galkope to resource schools in Simbu is in vain. We can equate them to the cultural terrorist of Morobe and the Israel fundamentalists.

Phil, you really do hit the bone with your surgical comments. Yes, PNG lives with a tremendous void.

I mentioned Steven Winduo Francis, but not Regis Stella, whose books I have not read for the simple reason that I can't get hold of any copies.

I think, after Ireland, Australians are the most well-read people per capita in the world. You wouldn't guess that by looking at them and the pap they absorb from television.

PNG statistics are the other way round; they are the least well-read people in the world.

Statistics need to be regarded with caution however. There is a reason why PNG appears at the bottom of the list and that is that they simply don't have the books available to read.

If you go into any secondhand shop in Moresby you'll see shelves of well-thumbed books. That tells me that people are reading but they are not reading their own literature.

And sure, academics have a role to play but they can be precious and snobby when it comes to these things. I think there needs to be room for popular literature too.

Just imagine, all the historical events that have occurred in PNG since independence have not been recorded for posterity, either in fiction or non-fiction. That is a tremendous void for a nation to carry.

In twenty years time Papua New Guineans will wonder who you are talking about when you mention Peter O'Neill and Belden Namah. They might even scratch their heads when you mention Michael Somare.

Vincent Eri, Russell Soaba, Steve Winduo, Regis Stella, Leonard Fong Roka, Michael Dom, Sil Bolkin and Francis Nii will be remembered however.

We need to also consult academic authorities in Pacific literature such as Professor Steven Edmund Winduo, the late Dr Regis Stella and UPNG leading literary artists in the Pacific. I suggest we read their books, short stories and poems. I don't know why these names have not been referenced here.

There is an educated younger generation writing on social media. There is also a drive to get books into the schools for the younger children to get them reading.

Hopefully this new younger educated generation will keep literature alive in PNG. They will want their children to learn to read and write.

I think the fact that book publishing is going out due to the "digital age" means that the digital form of publications is the way ahead. I'm giving away digital copies of my book on my time in the Sepik to former students and they are enjoying reading them.

I'm also helping one of my former PNG students write his life story to pass on to his children. Thinking PNGians today want to express their thoughts on what they see is happening to their country and to themselves and their lives.

One time soon I hope the people of PNG will elect better representatives to the National Parliament. They are starting to realize they need to elect people who are honest, have some good morals, are educated, able to think for themselves, who are not fixated on getting rich quickly by stealing from the State, and who genuinely care for their fellow citizens.

At the present time the online Social Media and the PNG Attitude gang are the interesting writers. Keep pushing, Phil!

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