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22 January 2014


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Thanks Barbara...let's laugh a bit and forget about the problems for a wee while.

Thanks Marlene. Great read.
Takes my mind off all the real problems in PNG today.
I still love PNG, warts and all!

Thank you Francis. Yes, part 2 coming soon!

Yes Michael. It's amusing and just totally hilarious!

Hi Jeff! Google it and see, hahaha. I am glad you enjoyed it. Thank you

I like the frankness in your telling of the story, Marlene. Nice piece and am looking forward to part 2 of it.

Great story! Couldn't stop reading until the end.

I have a little one just under the right eye. After using a finger nail cutter to erase it off my face several times, I gave up. Later a girl told me she liked it. So I kept it to this day...ahaha.

I shall Google now and check if it gonna bring me good luck for the remainder of my boring life.

I like this amusing story, warts and all.

Yes, just about brain storming and drafting: Wart a parasite; the mole's point of view. Phil hope you'd enjoy this one again.

Hi Phil, the mole's still here. Hahaha. There should be a Part 2?

Great stuff. One of the most enjoyable reads on Attitude in months.

But, c'mon, what happened to the mole?

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