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07 January 2014


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I wonder how those thugs, bystanders and community leaders (including churches there) would react if the national government decides to bypass those sections of the "lazy and corruption zones" and re-direct the Okuk Highway between Jiwaka and Goroka.

Common sense appears also to have evaporated from those lime stones as well?

Such problems are less common elsewhere along the Okuk Highway.

Angras, we certainly have some soul searching and community works to do there.

One has to have enough extra cash in the pockets to travel the Okuk Highway since individuals and groups are vulnerable to both thug and police arrests and confinement for even no infringement of the laws.

The problems at Magiro on the Okuk highway started in the 1970's. It all started when the Australian government changed the justice system. I had a major problem at Magiro when I was attacked by ten drunken men. Luckily I was able to escape thanks to a villager who distracted the men. I took the ten men to court but was unable to find any witnesses to back me up. Everyone who witnessed the event were subsequently threatened and were too afraid to give evidence.

Thugs then learnt that if they threatened any witnesses they would be able to get away with anything. This idea has now spread along the length of the highway.

The Chimbu is one of the Jewels of P.N.G. and if law and order was not a problem the people would make millions from tourism. So sad.

What hope has law and order got when even the police join the thugs. Some sort of control must be put on police weapons and the policeman involved in this story should be sacked and made to pay by doing a large amount of community work.

I have travelled this road so many times and it is never boring! I am elated at the growth of the writers industry in PNG! Thanks Keith and others for encouraging this great art! Mr. Bolkin, Mr. Nii and many many other Papua New Guinean writers are emerging as real talent! Guys, keep it up! I am a great fan!

It's a shame and disgrace these thugs and bent coppers. When can they learn to change those kinds of bad habits?

Money makes the world go round.... etc
These ladies of the highway are jealous of the rich fellas who travel all over the world while they are left at home in Simbu! They want a share of the profits!

Bro, you hit all the nails.

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