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09 January 2014


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Meanwhile the united UNITECH staff organisations have spoken:

Thank you for these clarifications. Briefly, here the political interventions, none of them contributing to a solution for UNITECH.

During the 12 months I occupied the VC's position directly, direct political interference has been continuous, usually ill-informed and with disastrous effects.

When destruction of property took place in April 2012, Council should have been dissolved as per the PNG Higher Education Act. Instead, we got a soft intervention through a mediation team.

As an unintended side-effect, in this period under my leadership we were able to accomplish a lot for UNITECH in little time, both in infrastructure and academic improvements.

I was able to put an effective acting management team in place. On 20 Nov 2012, the government finally appointed a new Chancellor and dissolved Council. In January 2013, PM O'Neill visited campus and ordered a second investigation, led by former Judge Sevua. Badly advised he declared Schram is no longer VC, which is incorrect, since I was never legally dismissed.

Meanwhile David Arore tried to control Council through his lawyer John Napu, in vain. Just to be sure, I got a new contract with the same terms in March 2013.

On 20 December 2013 we had Arore declaring on national television I should be off the pay roll because I am a threat to national security.

Due to incessant interference and attacks from former Council members, we sought legal protection offered by the laws of PNG.

Currently, my appointment and employment status is sub judice through Supreme Court Motion SCM1/2013. Any change in my employment status constitutes contempt of court. This is why Arore was so desperate he had to go on national television.

When I come back on campus as VC, we will stop direct political interference, improve processes, and create an organisational culture of performance and learning.

We will take measures that will directly benefits staff and students, and save cost while doing this. We will put UNITECH back on track.

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