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16 January 2014


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From Facebook..."The NDoH Technical bid assessment team have been compromised well before the awarding of this contract! They are now the ones registering companies with their wantoks for drug distribution.

They have colluded to reduce the ISO90001 standard to ensure BPP gets the contract and subcontract distribution to their own companies.

The Ombudsmen just need to call on BPP, get a list of all its contracted suppliers, check IPA on status of those companies/directors/shareholders/family relations and verify it.

I am sure they'll uncover another big corruption syndicate in this country.

Please or, catastrophe will happen! God save us." is more important than life in PNG? It's the survival of the fittest!

I agree Barbara that some things do take time however this issue is too important to wait a few decades or generations. Educated and erudite PNG people must take a stand and represent their fellow countrymen and women. It's up to those elected persons to tell everyone what the issue actually is. Why hasn't there been any public discussion?

However the real problem will be: The next time someone goes to a government health facility and obtains medicine, will it be effective? Will those handing out the medicine in good faith wonder if it might not actually work?

The faith in the government health system is at stake and people in the bush have no other source of medical help to go to.

One has to wonder is the government just hoping to 'bury' any mistakes?

PNG Medicines OK, or so the Tender Board says. Yeah! Right!

In an amazing revelation, Mr Babaga Naime, the Secretary of the PNG Central Supply and Tenders Board has issued a statement confirming that Borneo Pacific (BPP) does not need to meet ISO9001 as it isn’t the manufacturer of the pharmaceuticals it supplies and distributes.

Clearly Mr Naime and his Tender Board can’t therefore see any difficulty. In which direction are they looking one could well ask? Has anyone thought to check whose been given what by whom?

If the pharmaceuticals distributed by BPP in the past have a history of poor standards or not actually being what they claim, BPP are therefore, according to Mr Naime completely absolved of any responsibility. 'Blind Freddy' could surely see what’s wrong with Mr Naime's statement?

Can Mr Naime actually substantiate his continued suitability for this important government position based on this reported statement? Based on media reports, Mr Naime made ‘strong representations’ to the NEC to have BPP be awarded the contract to supply pharmaceuticals to the PNG people. Those same PNG taxpayers who pay his salary as a public servant to ethically look after their interests.

With an appalling lack of public accountability, it appears that the PNG government has so far been happy to wait it out until this whole saga just ‘goes away’. The voters who elected these representatives, trusting they would look after their health and that of their families, now need to know who they have actually elected. Now is the time for PM O'Neill to make a statesman like stand for his people.

But where is the PNG Opposition? This is a classic case of an important issue that refuses to be publically debated. The question must surely be asked, why?

Belden Namah has apparently been too busy looking after his own point scoring with the PM to look at the best lever he has ever been presented with to use against the Government. It was a different matter when he barged into a court room and tried to arrest a sitting judge.

C’mon Sam Basil and those in the ‘Opposition’. Now is the time to draw a line in the sand.

When will we hear from any PNG political leader on this issue? Have the BP tentacles now entwined everyone? What chance have the ordinary PNG people got when such a code of silence at the elected leadership level is continually maintained?

Yes, Paul, I agree. This is a cut and dried case.

I was talking with a PNG man last night who understands ISO standards. He introduced them to his college in PNG ages back. But he thinks there is little understanding in PNG today of how important they are.

I think the PNG young educated people on Facebook have wonderful imaginations and can see corruption in everything.

At the moment I'm putting the possibility of corruption aside and blaming the problem on poor PNG logic and no understanding of what ISO standards mean.

My PNG friend also believes that a lot of problems in PNG are due to PNG logic which is not logic as we know it at all. They jump to conclusions without very little background knowledge or understanding of the topic in question.

Things take time!

Barbara, while we're both on the same side of the river, or in this case the Torres Strait, it's not up to the Australian government to publically do anything more than it already has done.

The government of PNG, the official Opposition, PNG's medical fraternity and everyone who has the ability to speak out against what seems like a genuine threat to the PNG people MUST act.

The legitimacy and honesty of the PNG government is on the line on this issue alone. Not to act will forever damn those who have been and are still involved, covering up or trying to sit the issue out.

The health and well being of all PNG people is too important to let this one go the way of all the other instances where corrupt practices have appeared to be condoned.

From the Post Courier 16.1.2014

The Central Supply and Tenders Board have stepped in to the debate on the appointment of Borneo Pacific Pharmaceuticals to supply local health kits. The board affirms that the contract adheres to PNG law and should not be questioned.

This intervention comes after a recent statement made by the National Doctors Association who oppose the contract. The association suggested that because the drugs company does not have ISO9001 accreditation – accreditation which ensures the quality of the drugs the company supplies – the contract should be rescinded.

The issue of accreditation was clarified yesterday by the Central Supply and Tenders Board secretary Babaga Naime, who saidthat Borneo Pacific did not need ISO9001 accreditation because it was not a manufacturer of medical supplies just the supplier. Mr Naime explained that accreditation is only required by drugs manufacturers.

Mr Naime said the National Executive Council made the decision to award Borneo with the contract based on strong recommendations from his board. Mr Naime said that Borneo is a PNG-registered company and has more than ten years experience supplying medical supplies to remote parts of the country. Three bids were short listed from recommendations from the Health Department’s technical evaluation committee; Borneo was selected after a lawfully carried out filtering process. "Processes required by law were followed and the board entrusted by the government to make recommendations after scrutinizing each bidder did come up with the best possible contactor," said Mr Naime.

He said two other bidders did not have the local experience and were not registered with either the Investment Promotion Authority or the PNG Pharmaceutical Board, which were stated prerequisites."

...........So, Babaga Naime is the person who lacks understanding about the implications of BPP not having ISO accreditation.

So it was the CSTB who advised the NEC to buy from BPP. So someone needs to sit down with Mr Naime and explain the mistaken understanding of the CSTB.

Do you think the Australian Government needs to send someone up to PNG to speak to them to explain the logic of why they should not buy from BPP?

I think this statement should be sent to the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to let them explain it all to Mr Naime so he can see where his reasoning is wrong. Then they can award the contract to the right company and the Australian Government will give them the money as promised.

There is a rumour going around Waigani that the Public Works Minister has requested his department provide a large number of reclining chairs for government ministers.

Apparently someone was heard to exclaim that the government can't just stand around and let this travesty happen.

Putting the possibility of "corruption" aside, I was thinking that the minds of the Prime Minister and Health Minister also appear to lack basic logic.

Martyn, you understand the way the PNG mind thinks. It appears to be very different at times from the way a logical person would think. PNG needs a lesson in logic.

BPP sometimes buys tablets from questionable firms. Questionable firms sometimes produce faulty tablets. Faulty tablets can kill you. Buying from BPP might kill you.

The Prime Minister and Minister for Health could probably dodge dying themsleves as they could fly down to Cairns private Hospital.

But surely they have some loved ones back in the village. Surely they don't want to risk killing them!

The Prime Minister and the Minister for Health must realize that if they go ahead with buying their tablets from BPP they could be held responsible for killing their loved one back in the village.

Someone on Facebook has suggested the PNG politicians should get on the job training, like the police, otherwise it sounds like a "Ship of Fools".

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