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08 January 2014


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It’s about time O’Neill-Dion and Namah-Basil to set your path right now for the future generations to see and appreciate it.

The government must be responsible and people-centred in providing governance to this great nation and the opposition must provide a full scrutiny over every dealings.

You are just few representing the millions of people out there. You are not running a family business in Ialibu, Pangia or Vanimo Green.

These leaders are self-centred. Their actions reflect child-like minded people. Good luck to both of them in their fights. Great and good leaders have universal values of integrity, forgiveness, responsibility and compassionate. If these values are comprised, such frictions occur and it may turn to physcal.

Peter, what you have stated is same to what has been reported by NBC at its 7.30 pm current issues bulletin. It all related to that letter of complaint that Belden Namah wrote to the police commissioner Tom Kulunga to investigate Peter O'Neill regarding the Paul Paraka case.

Kulunga stated sometime ago that the matter is already under investigation by TFS meaning that police was not going carry out any investigation. Nama wasn't and still isn't satisfied and so the latest turn of events.

The explanation is very simple, sir. Belden Namah is enraged that Peter O'Neill and Don Polye did their secret deal to create the K500 million supplemental budget to fund their respective parties in the 2012 election and didn't give any money to Belden and his party. He has never forgiven O'Neill for this doublecross.

In my opinion Belden is an extremely vindictive person and anything he can do to embarrass O'Neill he will do. Hope that makes everything clearer.

BTW Sam Koim in a very recent press release explains the progress of his investigation and compares it against what Namah is doing.

We publish WI as a nom de plume in the interests of providing the useful information offered. PNG Attitude does not usually allow anonymous contributions unless there is prior agreement from the editor- KJ

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