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08 January 2014


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Nou Vada, there is something I don't understand. When you realised that blogging under your real name could be dangerous to your future career, why didn't you simply ease off the blog everyone saw you were doing, quietly set up a new blog under a pen name, and continue the sharp, sharp comment that you had been doing.

Instead you gave up, or at least that's what you lead us to believe!

I admire Martyn very much for what he's doing and we should all aspire to the same level. If for one reason or another, we find we cannot be as sharp as him, we should not do what you did, Nou.

Instead we should be going underground and going nameless if necessary if that is what is required to keep the voices sharp and cutting, chasing the corrupt off the internet altogether.

I would be interested in your comments and feedback on what I have written here.

In more detail, our policy on Anonymity from 'All About PNG Attitude' ( - KJ


We discourage the use of pseudonyms (false names), initials, first names without last names and pen names (e.g., ‘Concerned Mother’), and may reject your contribution in such cases. Any contribution with a false email address will be deleted upon detection.

There are some cases where people are legitimately concerned that the publication of their name may endanger or in some other way be a threat to them. In such cases, you should let the editor know the circumstances and your case will be treated with great tolerance.

Sometimes people use false names to cover up disinformation (which by its nature is unethical) or to avoid disclosing the true motives of people or organisations which may have a vested interest or a conflict of interest.

False names may also be used as a shield behind which people who do not want to be associated with their own views for whatever reason feel able to launch cowardly attacks on others without detection. In all such cases, we are highly likely to delete your contribution.

PNG Attitude treats each case on its merits. But a credibly, believable and persuasive contribution will almost invariably appear under the real name of its author.

Let us know if you wish to use a 'pen name', and provide us with your real name and email to show you are well intentioned. We will not disclose your name if there may be some real threat to you in doing so.

Well done Nou and Co.

It is sad to hear of the death threats you've received, but that shows how hard your blow struck.

I trust that you and Martyn may keep up your activism in other ways.

What plans for the long haul? LTI, lawyer, 'fame and fortune'?

Papua New Guinean tree-hugger NGOs asking stupid questions?

I'm actually one of those who spent years working with an international conservation NGO, and I can assure you we were not mere tree-huggers.

We actually made an impact and improved the lot of the people we were serving in the communities. Nothing we did was stupid, even if oftentimes it seemed futile against a backdrop of politics, corruption, logistical issues, and a whole host of other barriers.

You may have made an impact in your blogging days, but it was in the urban, educated elite setting. These tree-huggers as you call them are the ones who actually work in the outback and most remotest communities.

I'm sorry if you felt you wasted an hour of your precious life at that seminar, because if you had decided to mingle in and talk with these 'tree-huggers' they would have enriched your hour.

And oh, by the way, I do not support the Australian Greens or the PNG Greens for that matter, but they do have some very good policies in place that could have a big impact in this country.

So many arseholes - so few bullets!

Thank you Nou for this most interesting and clear overview of the first years of blogging in PNG. The early bloggers certainly made history. Often they were the only news source, for example, during crises on UPNG or UNITECH campuses. I am really sorry it is still a dangerous past-time. Hopefully, political culture will change, and death threats and harassment of journalists and academic will no longer occur. By now it seems impossible to contain the many outlets of opinion in the blogs, facebook and twitter.

Thanks Nou Vada. Best wishes to you and your wife. Thank goodness for your wife.
As they say in Scotland "Lang may yer lum reek!"

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