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18 January 2014


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The recent appointment of Gilbert Toropo to the post of Commander PNGDF was made, not by Cabinet, as the country is led to believe, but rather as a unilateral decision by Peter O'Neill when Mr Namah issued the 72 hour ultimatum.

For those of you who are not privy to the information, Gilbert Toropo is facing serious allegations in relation to a missing K1.2m of soldiers' housing rentals. His appointment has not gone down well amongst the rank and file and officer corps of the PNGDF.

As soon as he signs the Instruments of Office, he will immediately be subjected to the Leadership Code and may be referred to the Fraud Squad or Leadership Tribunal. It may even turn out that Toropo may be the shortest serving commander in office.

Nepotism - yes, Regionalism - yes, Appointment on Merit - no.....

My reading of the undercurrents in most of what's posted here is regionalistic

Irrespective of where one comes from, so long as one has the credentials you should not feel negative about it.

A while ago people of one province occupied all the most senior posts in the PNGDF. Commanders have always come from the other three regions and you could sometimes start to ask what appointment metrics these institutions use to appoint these people and make so many acting appointments who come from one of two provinces.

In most instances, these questionable appointments have been coloured with technical excuses and justified their unlawful actions. Those days will eventually be gone, well grab things on merit its not anyone's birthright!

Toropo's got the credentials to lead the PNGDF irrespective of where he comes from. It's just that his appointment as PNGDF Commander comes at a time of political tit-for-tat. I hope his professionalism will determine him to perform his duties without fear or favour.

Toropo has all the credentials for the PNGDF's Commander's post. However, from the sideline, people of one region occupying the top posts of the armed forces is dangerous. Tingting tasol!

More defence leadership challenges in 2014. Governments and its PMs in the last 15 years have already seriously compromised Defènce's professiönalism.

Defènce and especially the PNGDF is now highly politicised.

The NEC (cabinet) has recently demonstrated its inherent weakness, if not its ignorance to good leadership criterions when it comes to top command appointments within Defènce. The government has in recent times lacked a good track record of sound judgement calls in its top command appointments. Consequently, no real credible defence reforms has ever eventuated despite many changes of governments and defence administratiöns in recent years.

Once more, it can önly be speculated upon, and it is hoped that the PNG government has got it right this time despite cönstant, and very unhelpful Australian platitudes.

PNG hopes all goes well for the good of the silent majority...and not politicised.

Correction: Brigadier General Toropo is from Imbongu in SHP and not Ialibu-Pangia.

The only important fact here: he is from Ialibu Pangia. An appointment in line with the nepotism consistently practised by the nation's most corrupt Prime Minister.

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