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27 January 2014


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Can't help it. It's Bill's birthday, so what the hell..

St Crispin!

And it's old Bill Shakespeare's 450th anniversary. So give him a cheer and enjoy the Boys from Syracuse. And if you don't get that you don't deserve to be here.

Oh, and don't forget the dinosaurs.

Holmes and Watson have discovered a whole new family of prehistoric reptilians during their adventures in Papua and New Guinea.

As well as the O'Neilasaurus, they discovered the Somareorhynchus, the Teinstinraptor, the Abbotaeopteryx and not to forget the Morrison Rex and the Namahosaur.

Wanna hear the whole amazing story? (I think I may need some bail money though.)

I've promised Keith there will be no more Holmes in PNG.

Though some aficionados might like to know that Holmes and the Titanic, the House at Morata, the Diabolical Tattooed Woman, the Case of the Frozen Man and the Adventure of the Kuman Interpreter will be available shortly.

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