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14 January 2014


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Sadly it seem that mental health as a illness in PNG lies at the bottom of a defunct health system that appears unable to cope with “ normal” type illnesses so the only answer it would seem would be for some other form of intervention to take place so that the situation could improve.

One immediate start would be for the formation of a lobbying group made up of concerned citizens.

Failing that some form of outside assistance from medical groups such as Medicine San Frontier’s” would seem appropriate.

The main stream Christian churches seem to be the only people worrying about people like Chris but their resources are stretched to the limit.

Mostly it seems to be the ladies who do the good work, I've met many such angels in my travels. A lot of the men are enmeshed in the politics of the church or in securing themselves comfortable sinecures.

This is the sort of thing they do well and it would be wise for the government to provide the resources for them.

If all Christians were like those ladies PNG could truly call itself a Christian nation.

Now here is a job for the Christian churches of PNG. They need to set up a small psychiatric hospital in every province and show how these people need to be loved and looked after in a special way.

I do know of one case where a PNG Christian community is looking after a person with mental health problems. I'm sure there are many more examples.

We don't hear much of the private Church run hospitals in PNG but I'm sure they are still there doing a marvellous job. I remember the United Church and Catholic hospitals in New Ireland, Kimadan and Lemakot, where any sick person would be looked after. I hear Australian Doctors International is also doing a great job in New Ireland.

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