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17 January 2014


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Governments of Australia, New Zealand and PNG have a very good knowledge of what is happening in West Papua via their embassies and spooks.

Why they have decided not to act in addressing the issue by bringing it to the attention of the UN is unknown. Because of treaties, agreements and various other factors these governments will continue to turn a blind eye.

Thus, my advice to the Papuan freedom fighters is to continue the fight. Do not give up.

And here is the real test of true leadership for Australia and New Zealand: Demand answers from the UN as to why it is not correcting a problem it created in 1969 by handing over West Papua to Indonesia against the will of the people of West Papua.

How can the governments of these nations ignore what is happening and do trade and interact with Indonesia and not remind the UN about what needs to be done to correct the terrible mistake they made at the behest of Henry Kissinger and Co who merely wanted to control South East Asia and have access to the wealth of West Papua?

It seems there is selectivity in regard to what governments of Australia, NZ and PNG will be indignant about and it seems the UN is merely there to do the bidding of the most powerful economies and every other member nation must toe the party line and do likewise.

Why is it that people in West Papua are not deemed as important as people in say Afghanistan or Iraq or Syria? Why is it that nothing is being done to save them?

The reason is purely economic. Australia, New Zealand and PNG - stop trading and stop working with Indonesia and demand attention to this problem.

The abuse began when the United Nations decided on 21 September 1962 to impose itself and Indonesia on the people of West Papua whose gold and other wealth were coveted by other nations.

Here is an idea for people reading this - call on your government and call on the United Nations to fulfil their legal obligations under the Charter of the United Nations Article 76 to promote the self-government & independence of West Papua.

I can see the approach that the Australian and the Melanesian Government are undertaking to befriend and learn their ways and means in a diplomatic way.

However, I am confident that, the Freedom Campaign For West Papua will not take another fifty (50) years for Indonesia to see a repeat of "East Timor".

It's advisable that they grant freedom to West Papua NOW or they suffer their repeated dose of humiliation in a world that is more open and free with the advent of ICT.

You would also expect that PNG would be at the forefront in championing West Papua's cause.

Imagine if Western Australia was invaded by a country like Indonesia. The other states would do their utmost to free her. (Then again, it's only WA I suppose?).

If Indonesia is not a potential threat to PNG, as some commentators here seem to believe, why is PNG so careful not to offend them?

The West Papuans quest for independence goes back before the Indonesian invasion. Back then they called themselves Papua Barat and they had a flag similar to the Morning Star. The Dutch offered encouragement in the same way that Australia supported PANGU.

Apart from Vanuatu and the governor of the NCD, Powes Parkop, no one in PNG seems to care (and Martyn of course, who flies the Morning Star on his website).

The world should be ashamed at the acceptance of the behaviour of indonesia in West Papua. In particular the Australian Government who has been very much aware of the treatment of West Papuan citizens since the 1960's.

Even last year the foreign minister went to indonesia and praised the indonesian government on the way they were handling the problems in West Papua.Was she kidding.

Look up the Australian secret files and become aware of the situation before making such an uninformed statement.

I did not give indonesia a capital letter as they don't deserve one.

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