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04 January 2014


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A comment on social media this morning -
"good governor (i.e. Gary Juffa) is concern about the pipols lives, its about time png government spend wisely, award contracts transparently to save lives, thumbs up for aussie, you cared enough..let png government save their lives if they are serious in delivering services and fighting corruption...."

Good on you Charlie, and well said, Garry.

It has been an honour to be part of the PNG SMACP group during 2013. It has been great to see Truth winning over the Lies!

I will comtinue to throw in my few comments and continue to think of ways that I can help PNG to overcome the problems which Garry has mentioned.

The Social Media has a very important role to play in the future of PNG and I guess the answer lies in the cell phone and the communication towers and the internet and any other means of communication that can allow the electorate to become educated and start to elect capable caring people to the National Parliament.

You probably can't get back all the money that has been stolen by the corrupt people but you should be able to put a stop to it in the future. God bless you all.

Good effort Charlie and all the Papua New Guineans who are now rising up to raise serious concern about decisions affecting our country.

The onus now is to prepare for 2017, identify genuine and brave leaders who can be supported for the upcoming elections and propel them into the arena of political decision making.

The next elections should not be won by money alone but by those who actually care and will do something.

This parliament started with a bang and has fizzled out in an anticlimax of rhetorical apathy as decisions made that do not benefit PNG are promoted and those that should be made to protect PNG are dismissed.

Such leadership is not needed and is in fact counterproductive to progress.

Workers rights, landowners rights, resource owners rights and the protection and promotion of small to medium PNG business are necessary, lower taxes for PNGeans, improve project management and monitoring and service delivery, a transparent and effective procurement system, quality health and education and effective law enforcement with justice accessible by all where all who break the law are taken to task and not just those who have no power or friends in high places is what we must continue to fight for.

Only then can we see economic progress truly benefit the people otherwise it will be economic progress...for others....

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