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11 December 2013


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It's not only the NGOs who should fight against such issues. The people themselves must take a stand on these issues.

Too many times we blame the churches, and NGO's, but the people who should be on the forefront of such are the people themselves.

I have spent half my life working for and with international NGOs and chruches, and I tell you that most have their hands tied, especially when they fear they may get deported if they become vocal about local national issues.

I have heard a bishop of the Catholic Church express such a fear, and also the director of a worldwide international NGO. So it is time, we PNGeans take ownership of current issues, especially corruption.

NGOs in PNG should stop playing politics and should be pursuing issue like the SABL that affects the grassroots PNGean landowners who don't have the ammunition to fight against the giant foreign land grabbers who hired our own police force to intimidate, arrest and suppress them when they stand up for their land.

NGOs should demand the government resolve the issues surrounding the SABLs once and for all. I believe many PNGeans will support you if you pursue the SABL issues.

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