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28 December 2013


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Absolute sadness. I only knew David through his blog and the occasional email. Our shared East Sepik connection and fond memories lo taim bipo, thank you for your words of encouragement.
Rest in peace David.

I've just re-read David's novel.

The photograph of him with the biography of Graham Greene is very apt. Both David and Greene seemed to have spent their life grappling with Catholicism.

I also picked up this cunning little thing he did with Andrew Marke's character, Temlett Conibeer, in his three PNG novels. In David's book Temlett retired to the UK to write propaganda for the National Front while Andrew retired to Tasmania to write novels.

Sori tru. Appreciated reading his work. Condolences to the family.

We will miss you David. But you still live on in Deborah and your sons. Love to all of you,

I am saddened to read of David Wall's death. I also enjoyed reading his posts. We will surely miss him.

David was born in 1936 so he was one of those lucky ones who got to PNG in the 1950s. Those years, from the expatriate's point of view, were the halcyon days of Australia's involvement in the country.
There were a lot of colonial buffoons and Colonel Blimps around in those days but there were quite a few enlightened individuals like David about too.
Another was Chips Mackellar, the paperback version of whose book I've just had the pleasure of publishing. I don't know whether David or Chips ever met but they would have got on very well together.
It was the stories that the men and women of David's generation told that inspired many of us johnny-come-latelies to get up there in the 1960s.
Thinking about that when I heard he had died I pulled David's 2007 novel "Sepik Blu Longpela Muruk" off the shelf and flipped through it. I think David was aware that with fiction it's not necessary to let facts get in the way of the truth.
The novel has a strong autobiographical element to it so if you want to know more about David and his time in PNG it is well worth reading. There is an irreverence to it similar to Chip's book that cuts through the blinkered and upright vision promulgated by the colonial types and tells it how it really was at the time.
I'm working my way through Manning Clark's monumental history of Australia at the moment but when I've finished I think I will re-read David's book. David would have got on well with Clark too.
There will be a requiem mass for David at St Josephs Catholic Church in Lennox Street, Newtown at 10.30 am on Friday 3 January.

I loved reading Dave's blogging through this medium and it's sad to hear of his passing.

May God's peace and grace be with his immediate families.

Dave, rest in peace.

Caught a glimpse on Keith's tweet and thought "this cannot be the David Wall whose last article I commented on, on December 17th on "In Mandela's shadow...

All his contributions were full of life, humour and looks at a different point of view from the rest of us. I find that interesting, unique and always thought-provoking.

Can't believe he's gone. Will miss his contributions.

Sincere condolences to Mrs Wall and family. Will say a prayer for the family. God's comfort at this time. Rest in Peace, sir.

Sorry to read about the passing on of Dave. I haven't met him physically but I got to know him through his writing and Dave was one of the great Aussie patriotic loyalists of PNG, a character that often reflected in his writings. The concluding part of his life story ... 'You will take a man out of PNG but you will not take PNG out of a man' has always moved me for it is a reflection of David Wall's deep love for my country PNG. My condolence to his wife Deborah and all David's loved ones.

Very saddened to hear of his passing. I was just getting to know him via email. A fellow Sepik.
My thoughts and sympathy to Deborah and his two sons and family.

What an adventurous life David lived. Sincere condolences to his family on their loss. His voice will be missed on Attitude.

Sorry to hear this.
David Wall truly graced us with his thoughts on this blog - PNG Attitude .

Enjoyed his engaging pieces. Yes, it does sometimes feels like you have met people on PNG Attitude in person and know him personally irrespective of differences in opinions on certain issues.

My family's condolences to Deborah and rest of his family.

Rest In Peace, David.

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