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31 December 2013


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Thank you for PNG Attitude Keith. Appreciate your work and all who contribute to make it such an interesting site. Happy New Year to all.

2013 em wanpela gutpela yia blong mi personally. Bikpela ass blong dispela em yu Barata Keith na PNG Attitude readers, Many thanks and Happy New Year to you Keith and to all the wonderful readers of Attitude.

I'm glad you had a good year despite the personal battle you had to fight, my friend. May 2014 be even better. Eh, great you had two articles in our 10 'most commented' for 2013. You are a literary provocateur! - KJ

Keith - I have recently been a bit active during my break this month but we appreciate all your hard work. Thank you for your love and passion for PNG. Happy New Year to you and family.

Great that you've been contributing so energetically, Robert - and keeping us on our toes. We wish you all the best for 2014 - and stick with us - KJ

Oh Unkol Keith, yu boi-man stret.

Tasol, planti taim mi pilim olsem lapun pinis! Keep writing and keep strong, Michael - KJ

Keith, you are not at all wrong in pointing it out that some readers are more prominent in offering their views...em squad blo mi.

Nonetheless thank you for your tireless efforts in making sure there is a new article each day and for entertaining the comments and views.

I feel heard, if anything, so for that bikpela tenkyu stret.

Thank you too to all contributors for making 2013 bearable with your stories or poems making PNG Attitude one more place to get way from the daily grind.

Gutpla strong na gutpla Hamamas igo long yupla wan wan wantaim family long Niupela Yia 2014.

And thanks to you, Maureen for your provocative, stimulating and sensible comments during the year. I hope 2014 will treat you, as I do, with great respect - KJ

Keith - Na ene wagai kamane kaninga.

I will take that as a compliment suggesting that in my youth I must have been attractive to many women! - KJ

Thank you Keith for all your hard work. Best wishes for 2014 to all my friends in the PNG Attitude gang. Despite all the problems life goes on!

I'm planning on going back to oil painting this year so hopefully I can keep away from the computer and PNG Attitude!

Plan your days well, Barbara, so none of us have to miss your pearls of wisdom and your continuing positivism - KJ

Who's that handsome young feller that's appeared recently in the top left corner?

Hepi Niu Yia everyone.

Mi iet, Febuari 1964. Long taim nambawan eleksin ikamap long ol vilis blo hap Chuave. Peace and happiness to you and Rose in 2014, the fiftieth anniversary of representative democracy in PNG - KJ

Well done Keith. We would all be the poorer without 'The Attitude' and what it has become.

All the best to everyone for the New Year.

Thanks Paul. As one of the 'olde originals', you are entitled to as much credit as you have so generously offered - KJ

Congratulations to the Editor for exceptional devotion to duty during the past year regardless of location or personal circumstances.

Also special thanks to Ingrid as the essential woman behind the man. May everyone have a Happy, Healthy and personally rewarding 2014.

And may I pay tribute to Laurence for his continuing interest in and helping hand to the people of PNG - KJ

Oh, the Year that was, 2013!

Thanks Keith for that stubborn journalistic spirit and passion that you demonstrated in supporting the value of relationship that Papua New Guinea and Australia shares.

If there's such a “ PNG-Australia Journalistic Blogging Award”, then you get my vote - not certainly Sydney Morning Herald, The National Newspaper or the Post Courier.

Papua New Guineans continues to look forwards to the continued might oozing from that old battered battery power in 2014.

Happy New Years Greetings & Best Wishes for 2014 To Ben, Ingrid And The Rest Of The Family Members From Tanya & Myself

And that kind greeting is fully reciprocated by us, Corney. May you, Tanya and your fine family enjoy the very best of what 2014 has to offer - KJ

Well.. It has never been my purpose to "convince those fundamentalist Christians who saw the carvings as works of the devil"... Thank you!

My apologies for that, Fr Giorgio. A bit of sloppy writing on my part. I think I've cast your argument in the right shape with a revision - KJ

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