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29 December 2013


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That is interesting and truly Melanesian.

So Theo Zurenuoc has destroyed a potent symbol of the unification of Papua New Guinea as one nation.

If he believes in the potency of the carvings, as he and his followers seem to do, then it follows that the breakdown of PNG as a nation will follow their destruction.

What an incredible idiot!

If this was a multiple choice question in my exam I think I would say {e}.
Thank you Michael.

Is the destruction if the lintel;

(a) symbolic of the regionalism and provincialism that plagues the nation, or

(b) symbolic of the devisiveness of religions, where here Christianity has a proliferation of denominations and 'sects',or

(c) symbolic of the 'every man for himself' attitude of our MP's, or

(d) symbolic of the ignorance of our true cultures and traditions, hence misunderstanding, mistrust, doubt and fear of the unknown, or

(e) All of the above and a few more issues not mentioned.

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