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04 December 2013


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Did the Council meet and what became of Vice-Chancellor Albert Schram?

Dr Schram has informed us that Council has endorsed his position as Vice-Chancellor but that the PNG Government has yet to issue him with a visa. There is a petition circulating which we will reproduce in PNG Attitude tomorrow - KJ

We must reserve judgment on whether the unitech council is as corrupt as the last one trying to protect themselves by making sure that a bad vice chancellor stayed in power for too many years. Sir Nagora Bogan seems to be head of this council and is well known to be a reputable person who I hope will do the right thing and speak out if he witnesses the council becoming corrupt or manipulated from above. The lawyer John Napu seems to be the biggest question mark in the council. I hope that the reports on his associations reported on other blogs are not true!

Why don't politicians put our students' education first and their petty squabbles on the backburner?

The Unitech Council appointed by Peter O'Neill is playing with student futures and lives.

Whenever we get a caring foreigner willing to work under PNG conditions to help us our government either invites them to enter corrupt deals or it slaps them away.

O'Neill is doing his dirty work again but separating himself by having the council he appointed do the dirty work.

Bye bye Schram and thank the PM for the farewell card. Inferiority complexes are scattered throughout Waigani and the one who has the biggest inferiority complex of all is our PM.

If I were Dr Schram and other academics, I would raise holy hell if this is not resolved in his favour. Human rights groups should be notified of this case.

I hope this man isn't forced to leave PNG permanently and have a bad feeling about all of us.

I got to know Albert Schram as a tutor in Maastricht, if not to say as a mentor and role model. To me he is a very knowledgable and ambitious man.

I support his actions in uncovering injustice in PNG and wish for the people involved or affected by this decision to stand up and speak up for the only right decision in this matter: to support Albert Schram in his investigations and fight against injustice.

This is a sad story like so many others of uncaring attitudes allowing evil to take charge. I hope the council has more sense than the others and works to bring him back.

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