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30 December 2013


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Barbara, I totally agree with your last paragraph.

Martyn, nice piece. Michael Yapis, you do not need to have balanced people everywhere or pro-government people all around you. Leave Martyn 's views to himself and the judgement can be done by you and I and not telling another man what his perception should be. I guess, everyone is different and we should respect their ways of thinking and writing. I agree with you that we will get there somehow. Cheers!

Martyn, I am one of your countryman. You have some valid points. However you are reporting like a prophet of doom. PNG is not about to collapse. People outside may wish so.

Couple of pieces of advice for you.

1. Look at the other side of a story. There are always two sides. Your blogs are all out on the negative.

2. Try and last longer in a job. Do not become a job prostitute. Try and stay longer in a job, learn and aim to get better at it. You seem to be finding the easy way out. I am one who did that when young.

3. Do not be used by outsiders. Some NGOs and foreigners can be anti development and can suppress development in third world countries. What works in a first world may not necessarily work in the third world. You must have seen that with the PBL while you were a medical student.

4. Become a proud PNGean. Promote PNG elsewhere and not just a puppet that is used by somebody else. You are too young to know much about PNG and world economics.

5. So brata, life was not meant to be easy as you think or others tell you. Life is about striving, sweating and working hard and earning your living.

PNG has its problems like any country, but ours is a difficult country, with 800 cultural groups, coming out of stone age and entering the space age through the digital age.

Others have walked their path. We are walking, running, fumbling and limping at times, but certainly we will get there.

Thank you for your time here at OTML, and for contributing to Radio Fly. Me and my team appreciate your time and contributions. Many thanks and a Blessed New Year to you!

It sounds like you've reached a crossroad. Maybe PNG has too.

You should hike up to NARI and sit down with Michael Dom and chew the fat for a while I reckon.

Thanks Martyn. I am glad you got chances to run your microscopic eyes on all things corporate and politics in Papua New Guinea.

You're painting for me a "Rudy Baylor" picture captured intelligently by the smart best selling author, John Grisham in The Rain Maker

I was greatly let down by the way Rudy Baylor's story ends in the book with a supposedly runner up trophy - Kelly Ricker and a career not trained for.

My prayers is that, you will go play a major role in shaping the national conversation on ICAC and many other important national projects like the Electronic National Identity Card Project.

These are two key national projects that can curb corrupt behaviour and malpractices in our beautiful country.

Be strong, take courage and find comfort from the Word of God. I have never been disappointed by my God - whose words are timeless and comforting since I made my conscious decision to honor and live for Him.

Thanks Martyn for this interesting report. Wishing you a Happy New Year for 2014.

I like your grasp of economics - well done! I hope you will be able to encourage all those in the informal sector to make a better living for themselves.

I've been thinking that if education is the answer to PNG's better future the country needs to allow the "other 50%" to go to school and so they need to double the number of teachers.

From my little office in Sydney I'm just wondering if there are lots of educated people in the informal sector who have an education who could do a quick course to be trained as a teacher and help solve the problem. Just a thought.

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