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01 January 2014


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Borneo Pharmaceuticals is wholly owned by the Pho family.

I don't know about any connection with one Mr Chan. But he has been to China recently. And was kicked out of Japan due to a suspect passport.

And Borneo Pharmaceuticals get many of their supplies from a Chinese company which has been known to supply fake drugs.

They failed to meet ISO 9000 quality certification (which to be fair is about process, not product).

I think this is a case for Holmes.

I hear this Mr Chan had troubles recently when he tried to enter Japan. They said face recognition gave him another name. Wow! he's got two names. Great man!

So... does he own Borneo Pharmaceuticals?

I need the help of Holmes!

I have a secret source in ASIS who has given me access to that famous Holmes/Tony O'Neill interview, which otherwise will remain classified for the next 100 years.

I don't know how he managed to get it, suffice it to say I believe Holmes has his iPad/SUCS turned on throughout.


Holmes - "Tell me Mr Prime Minister, how come all of PNG's facilities seem to derive from the Moriarty Syndicate?"

PM - "There is no Moriarty. He is now known as Mr Chan."

Holmes - "Very well, Mr Chan's syndicate?"

PM - "Mr Chan is a well-loved benefactor to Papua New Guinea, shortly to be renamed 'Chan Land'."

Holmes - "But surely he must have some vested interest? Why should he be so generous?"

PM - "You westerners don't understand how things work under the Melanesian way. We respect people who reward us."

Holmes - "How exactly?"

PM - "Well, in the granting of certain state privileges, Mr. Chan has chosen to bless us with a Casino, a hospital and a new media empire."

Holmes - "You mean a monopoly?"

PM - "That is just a game you know, and Mr Chan has promised that in return for Regent, Oxford and Bond streets he will give us the best medical system you can buy."

Holmes - "And does that mean giving exclusive rights to distribute medicine to his companies?"

PM - "Well you may think that, but I could not possibly comment."

Holmes - "Thank you Mr Tony O'Neill"

Peter - Really great writing! Inspired even, shall we say!

Really liked the touch with his trip to modern-day Manus, of course. Salome - the famous warrioress of the Geefouress - may in fact exist with the stupidity of the asylum situation there.

The slave called "Ndrau" = "star" not so sure about though. This story has me chuckling away over my New Year morning suppa, Peter.

Conan Doyle will probably also be chuckling away somewhere....

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