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19 December 2013


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I will not stop pushing this cause. Forget carvings, tuna, oil and gas. The women of PNG need our help.


Amelia, Amnesty International Australia

Three weeks ago I travelled to Papua New Guinea (PNG). A country where, in 2013, women are still being persecuted as ‘witches’.

There, I met a woman named Mary, and I can’t stop thinking about her story.

Mary’s life changed forever when seven men attacked her in her home. “They came with bush knives, and they cut me. All of them. All seven boys had bush knives in their hands”, she told me through tears.

“I wanted to cry out, but the blood was streaming down my face. A boy attacked me from behind, and cut me here”. Mary ran her fingers over the skin near her brow to show me, “all this skin covered my face”.

Mary’s husband rushed home to find her bleeding on the floor. He confronted her attackers, demanding to know why they had done this to his wife. “They said they wanted to kill me,” said Mary. “They said I was a witch.”

Mary and her husband fled on foot. They walked for four days before reaching a hospital. They can never go back to their village.

Mary and her husband were forced to abandon everything they owned. In their village, they had land to farm and live on -- now, they struggle to provide for their children.

“My husband and I, we will keep going,” Mary cried. “We can cope with the emotions and carry this burden for the short time we have left -- but how will our children survive?”.

But it doesn't have to be like this. Your support will help us protect women like Mary at immediate risk of violence and killings. You will also give local human rights defenders the education and training needed to create lasting change.

Amnesty International.

You may not agree with everything Amnesty does, but they are promoting positive action in PNG to help protect women in partnership with local groups, and you can support their projects with a donation.

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