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20 December 2013


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why would you want to just stop with the mace?

Perhaps we should really begin with the bible. Go back to the original scrolls.

The current bible is an edited version of the old manuscripts. Anyone who is schooled in Church History knows that!

Anyone who has studied missiology understands that, unlike ofcourse the half baked ones who see a ghost behind every tree or power post!

No Gabbie, we must read the original bible.

Then we will know the truth, wont we?

When the state & 'development' fail, something, eventually, has to fill the void. This goes for Egypt & India too, in their ways. In PNG, people had enough government to guess what it could do for them, and for the old village life to seem adequate no more.

So they begin turning to the supernatural -- to sorcery, for venting frustration, and to fundamentalism, for expressing hope.

Perhaps the only real hope is that this fundamentalist impulse will motivate a radical & sincere political effort to make the state serve the people: like communists generations ago, like the taliban a generation ago...?

Just as you cannot legislate character, as it is now obvious in the Integrity of Political Party Act, no written covenant with God will make a nation God loving.

Leave matters for Caesar with Caesar and matters of God with God. This has been the case as expounded by Christ himself 2000 years ago and is relevant to us today as it was then.

I was recently make aware of another pagan idol that lies in state in Parliament and that is the Mace of Parliament lovingly kept in a glass case in the Speaker's office and carried by the Sergeant at Arms into the chamber of parliament to open and close sessions each day.

The Parliament mace is a war club use to smash skulls and is used as a stamp of authority. Perhaps the Speaker may consider replacing the mace with the wooden cross that was brought into PNG by the first missionary.

That would be an appropriate gesture.

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