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11 December 2013


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David Shaun, what a shallow response.

I have not observed your name on past correspondences on Attitude or maybe it passed me by.

Shame on you back, as yes we do have guts on many many issues. As a matter of interest are you in-country or becoming vocal from the safety of offshore.

I do not see one comment that relates religion to weakness.

Oh Lordy! What a destructive thing is religion in all its permutations.

Just think what a wonderful world we would be living in if it hadn't been for all those religious nutters.

Excuse me, David Shaun, we have been fighting corruption for many years on PNG Attitude.

Just look back at articles on Keravat NHS. And all the articles on SABLs and corruption when it comes to land.

Then there have been many other articles on the corrupt handling of money. Do some research!

If this event had occurred prior to independence the perceived insult to PNG nationalism would had provoked extreme outrage, vocal outbursts and ensuing mass protests.

And yet some 37 years onwards no such outrage is forthcoming from the proposed instigation of such an ill conceived plan.

What is more saddening about this issue is the deafening silence from the remaining founding fathers of the nation of PNG.

It may be about time those silent elected leaders of PNG remove their snouts from their brown paper bags and after sobering up from the effects of the mammon odours emanating from their personal purses take a deep breath and after taking a good look around at the mess that surrounds them take some responsibility for their duties of office for which they took an oath on being elected.

Adopting some foreign inspired culture such as proposed by the protagonist in this matter will not prove the answer to the nations ills.

Congratulations to PNG people and PNG Attitude on your win in this fight but shame on you all for always keeping quite on politicians who are corrupt

Also shame on you prime minister and government to act quickly to intervene on this, when they are known to ignore calls to deal with corrupt leaders and politicians

Shame on you PNG and PNG Attitude. You have no guts to fight for corruption except to fight the Speaker who is religious and in your opinion is weak.

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