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09 December 2013


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The Speaker must be made to pay for the destruction of these national icons.

If Zurenuoc really wanted to remove 'evil' from parliament, he would have to remove about 90% of the politicians in there. That would be a positive transformation and get rid of a lot of 'contradictory confessions'...

Frank - it is a matter of what should be preserved and celebrated from our past. I am reminded of Ely Cathedral, whose beautiful Lady Chapel was smashed and desecrated by the followers of Cromwell in a vain attempt to wipe out Catholic imagery and only succeeded in destroying a most beautiful work of art.

Are you saying PNG should not be able to celebrate its best artists and craftsmen? No one is saying you should live there, but generations of young people should be able to appreciate the skills and talents of their forefathers.

I am not a Catholic, but I can understand what destruction was wrought in the name of religious purity which is a scandal to this day.

The same is happening in Papua New Guinea.

Seems to me it IS the 'dark ages', or more precisely the age of puritanism (who also managed to destroy the original Globe theatre in the name of God.)

Theo and supporters have lost the plot.

Christian fundamentalism will not save this country.

God's love is all inclusive and is not subject to the petty rules and regulations of our personalized religious institutions.

If this is not true then God is not God and we do not have to fear evil spirits or a hell.

And if our Speaker does not respect the objects of our collective heritage then I must believe that this is ill conceived action is an attempt to destroy our identity and recreate PNG in some image of his choosing.

That is an evil act and anyone with that intention may go to the Hell that they wish to sell to us.

Calm down down Kranz, this is not the dark ages any more.

There's no need to live in the haustambaran any more surrounding by carvings as if in a mystical world when making decisions in these modern day and age. We are in the space and computer age.

What is wrong with PNG changing and modernising its style of buildings and architecture. Are people saying that we should not build high rise apartments in Port Moresby but live only in haus tambaran huts and caves ?

I'll bite.

How can anyone say the creative imagination of our forefathers/mothers was "non-human", demonic or evil?

Melanesian, Greek, Roman, Persian, Chinese - these are all 'demonic'?

This shows the greatest disrespect to our forebears,. and the ignorance of a pig. In fact I can't believe this discussion is taking place at this time. Zurenuoc and his cohorts have jumped back to the dark ages. Let's burn some witches!

Wait, this mindset has done this already. Watch the burning witches in Mt. Hagen! Let's murder a few sorcerers in Madang! And as for Tari....

For God's sake - and humanities sake, Zurenuoc and his associates are showing all the intelligence and humanity of Al Quaida, Oliver Cromwell and Mao.

Someone needs to change their nappies.

PNG has come 40 years and some change must happen.
The honourable speaker has made a drastic move to almost deface the haus tambaran.

Why was the house called haus tambaran with all the images and occultic pictures depicting all forms of non-human faces and invoking the spirits of the death to a modern place of decision making in the first place?

If the direction of the nation, is going to the dogs, with corruption within the house and at Waigani? There must be a change from the house of decision making! Its only a face lift after so many years of neglect. Whats the problem?

Only time will tell.

Mr Speaker go ahead and uproot what needs to be moved to the museum around the corner.

The Speaker is not moving the precious artefacts to "the museum around the corner". He is destroying them - KJ

If parliament is not the appropriate place for the artefacts then send them to a national museum or gallery. We need to hear from the Speaker outlining his reasons for his actions before crucifying him.

Whether for religious or other reasons, i think moving them to an appropriate place is better, otherwise the parliament house is looking like a museum.

Signing an internet petition based in Australia might not really help. Imagine what the Australian public would feel if Papua New Guineans started complaining about their governments decision to remove Aboriginal paintings or artefacts from their national parliament in Canberra and moving them to an appropriate museum.

The petition originated in PNG - KJ

The Post Courier reports:

"We hear the Finschaffen MP is not the only politician behind the hideous plan to remove “ungodly images and idols” from the National Parliament.

"We hear a cabinet minister recently visited Israel and was inspired by the work of a messianic group there, which prompted the directives for the carvings to be destroyed. More on this in the next couple of days."

Ironically Israel is one of the leading countries in the world promoting Archaeology and Anthropology and going to great lengths to preserve it's cultural heritage - not just Jewish heritage, but Christian, Muslim, Roman, Babylonian, Persian and ancient Canaanite.

If you mess with a monument or artefact there you'll be slapped into gaol quick smart.

PNG has witnessed its fair share of fundamentalism. None of which we have seen has led to destruction of public property at this unprecedented level.

For the information of the so called Christian fundamentalists God, if he or she exists, does not live in man made structures! God has to be a god who is capable of being above human stricures and structures to be God. Otherwise the Speaker and his cabal of cargocultists are no more than just that!

And should they employ the luxury of the thought that evil spirits inhabit objects and other inaimate material, then they need to read their bibles again!

The Speaker needs to read his bible again and again to realize that it is man who has fallen short of God's glory and God's ideal, not so an inanimate building, chattels or furniture or items of decor such as the lintel which was purposely carved by great carvers from throughout PNG, from the Milne Bays to the Sepiks to Western Province to Manus.

We have recently witnessed the capricious act of destruction of our Constitutional framework by the impasse Government.

We are now witnessing the destruction of our Parliament. It is public property and it ought be protected from and Prime Minister and any Speaker who would dare to destroy the House that represents our social contract to become one people and one nation.

If Peter ONeill and the Speaker do not recognize and respect the peoples House, what hope do the people of PNG have with these two men?

People of PNG have no place in the hearts of the PM and the Speaker. It is obvious. These guys are doing as they please without any reverence for the people or the offices they hold.

It is my understanding that L&A Brick layers who previously destroyed the sandstone landing of Parliament by tiling it with this ghastly tile, this time opted to have the lintel destroyed by a subbie while they supervised its removal.

I think Peter ONeill should look within themselves who is really the evil entities, L&A Operating on a mates contract subverting public finances or the lintel figurines?

How is it that Peter ONeill gave L& A major renovation contracts in Morauta Haus and now this Parliament contract without proper tender process compliance?

The evil within themselves need to be rid before we conduct exorcism on Parliament.

Imagine a Prime Minister and a Speaker who wanted to exorcise Parliament.

The world must think we have idiots and fools for leaders! And how right they would be too!

Mi sem ya!

I studied Theology, Philosophy and Anthropology. Can the stupid ignorant and half baked neo-yali speaker make available one hour so I can explain to him why he cannot discard the relics of a diverse and aesthetic existence of the peoples of the island of New Guinea since time immemorial.

All this time I thought he was a well educated man until this stupid call.

Papua New Guinea has become well known throughout the world for two main reasons. One is the corruption that exists throughout various levels of government; corruption that not only has destroyed vast tracts of land in the Sepik and virtually stolen land from the villagers without any real reward to them. The other is the fantastic Artifacts that highlight the wonderful cultural history of Papua New Guinea and the incredible skills of her crafts men and women.

If Mr Zurenuoc is the true Christian he claims to be then the first item on his agenda should be to wipe out corruption thereby helping all of Papua New Guinea's wonderful people to a better way of life.

The artifacts have no influence on modern Papua New Guinea in a spiritual sense. Mr Zurenuoc must realize that so called spirits both good and bad are not restricted by country borders as they are ethereal and can travel anywhere. They are certainly not hiding in any artifact waiting to pounce.

One of the main sources of income for the Sepik people is their craft work. Now after having their forest stolen they now also face having their magnificent art work condemned making it difficult for their art work to find a market around the world.

With the rest of the people Papua New Guineans we say;

1. We pledge to be united in one nation,

2. Pay homage to the memory of our ancestors, the source of our strenght and origiin of our combine heritage,

3. Acknowledge the worthy customs and traditional wisdom of our people, which have come down to us from genration to generation;

4. Pledge ourselves to guuard and pass on to those who come after us our noble traditions and the Christian principles that are ours now.

Are these the guiding principles the Speaker is talking about and trying to implement? Is the Speaker implying that all the evil and corrupt activites that have been happening and is happening in the Haus are the result of these traditional carvings and artifacts?

Isn't that Haus supposed to represent our shared history as an ancient Melanesian people?

To the Speaker I say there is no place in PNG for misconsrued right wing Pentecostal ideology where the differences between cultism and genuine religious practice fail to exist.

I am afraid the Speaker does not seems to realise these differences so, please, someone needs to drive some sense into him.

The earlier the better, as we do not want to be another laughing stock within the world of progressive nations.

Please verify the superior authority by simple scientific example that can be repeated and verified to the satisfaction of others that your God exists. Until then please leave historic images in their rightful place.

Christianity and other belief systems may flourish in peace but please refrain from usurping rights that do not belong to you, or that can not be proven by you by means other than faith.

The masks associated with the cultural heritage of Papua New Guinea are not in the domain of Christian zealots to remove and destroy. Please return them to their original positions of decoration.

I was witness at independence celebrations and earlier preparations and I hope that you would respect that which was prepared in sincerity and good heart by all those present at such historical occasions.

That there would be intent and action to desecrate the efforts and intentions of those preparing and celebrating the independence of PNG saddens me and insults the efforts of the craftsmen who contributed. Shame on you.

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