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15 December 2013


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I agree, Jo-Sapphire, there appears to be a dysfunctional democracy in action in PNG at present.

On the Sepik Region Development Discussion Forum on Facebook I have been passing comments about the way the Minister of Finance, James Marape, is behaving at the moment. I have also spoken out about DSIP funds and how I feel they should be abolished.

I suggested - The correct way to get a new school for your electorate. Constantly harangue your member of Parliament and explain why his electorate needs another school, and explain that if he doesn't get a new school for your electorate then you won't vote for him next time.

The correct procedure for him is to then go to the Minister for Education and he has to harangue the Minister and explain why his electorate needs a new school and how the government will lose votes if it does not happen soon.

The Minister should then arrange for Education Department funds to be used to build this new school.

The Minister of Education and the Secretary of Education have to sit down and work out the fair way to spend the government finances allocated by the Treasurer to Education.

There should be NO DSIP funds! Also, when the school is built the tender should not be given to any wantok of either the Minister or Secretary of Education.

When the builder says the work has been done the work must be checked by the Minister and the Secretary to check that the work has been finished correctly. Then the final payment can be made to the builder.

Then you congratulate your member and make certain you get lots of people to vote for him next time.

He should not have to bribe people to vote for him by giving them beer from his DSIP money. There should be no DSIP funds.

The money should be put into general funds and allocated fairly by the Treasurer to the various government departments.

Sam Basil has recently said -
It looks like James Marape will keep on holding back the oppositions DSIP funds and has threatened to use his powers to spend those funds by-passing the Bulolo district Joint District Program & Budget Priority Committee .

As per his accusations, when I was the minister we discovered unspent education funds ready to be dished out to James Marape's friends and wantoks.

O'Neill must investigate the way his Finance Minister is behaving. As you say - "Now democracy and democratically elected governments are plundering, raping and hording the nation treasure trove as if a waring tribe has won the tribal fight and the victors are sharing the spoils of war among themselves and their allies in war."

Marape feels he is now the "victor" while Sam Basil is the tribe that lost. He has no idea of how a parliament with a government and opposition should work.

Em i winim dispela DSIP moni!

I read the article and I must congratulate my brother Gabriel for a brilliant observation. It is well articulated and I fully agree with his views.

Democracy is tailored for a capitalist nation state. In the process of establishing this nation state using this capitalist construct of a democratically elected leadership, we unwittingly allow leadership based on our culturally inbuilt qualities of a leader who shares "his" wealth in an egalitarian or socialist construct founded on our centuries old values of the greater and collective good and survival of the group (clan/tribe).

And as Gabriel Ramoi states, the value system has a Christian slant, of giving and sharing our wealth and not wealth accumulation.

Now democracy and democratically elected governments are plundering, raping and hording the nation treasure trove as if a waring tribe has won the tribal fight and the victors are sharing the spoils of war among themselves and their allies in war.

We are living truly in a truncated society with a dysfunctional democracy.

Tell Gabriel I loved reading his excellent intellectual piece.

Very interesting thoughts, Gabriel.

I'm sure there is a lot that PNG can learn from Africa, especially South Africa. It was sad to see the president of Africa being booed at the gathering to honour the life of Mandela. All is not well in South Africa, and the fact that some members of the parliament, such as this man, have become very rich, says it all.

Also, when learning from China, you may also come across the fact that the top Chinese men are said to be very corrupt. Many of the leaders of China have become very rich and many are buying property in Australian cities. They tend to buy the largest and most palatial houses. All is not well here.

I agree wholeheartedly with your last paragraph. If the present members of parliament could share this view then I think there would be an end to corruption and more help given to the ordinary village people who live the more traditional lives back in the villages.

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