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29 December 2013


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The PM should impeach the Speaker. A debate now is really useless when the destruction has already been done the damage.

Parliamentary debate, flushing the toilet, what's the difference?

The real (dirty) business takes place behind closed doors.

The Speaker has demonstrated that quite clearly.

O'Neill has been ducking the issue for weeks, now he wants a "debate?"

He could, at any time, denounce the destruction of priceless national artefacts at the behest of Kouza's Messianic Israeli backers and have Zurenuoc arrested (since the Speaker surely had no authority to order such an act). He chooses not to.

Not impressed with O'Neill's lawless, fanatical and corruption-riddled government.

Gary, don't give up.
I've read some really good debates that took place in the past. (see Hansard).
This one on the carvings could be quite complicated. But surely the one on the giving of the tender for drugs to Borneo Pharmaceuticals is more straight forward.

Hi Gary,

never, never give up mate. There are a lot of people out there who are listening to you and applauding the stand you take on many issues.

What's the point? Debates are becoming hot air events and nothing else.

The members say nothing much and nothing much comes out of debates. One almost wants to give up - apathy and inconsideration are the order of the day and it seems futile.

No democracy at all in PNG parliament.

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