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16 December 2013


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Amnesty's findings have been backed up in a lengthy investigation by The Guardian newspaper reported on 7 January. Amongst findings -

• PNG paramilitary officers assigned to protect the facility stormed the compound and demanded payment from the Australian government.

• A G4S guard was suspended after kicking a detainee in the groin and punching him in the head during a fight in the mess area.

• A riot occurred in which asylum seekers threw rocks and bottles at guards and attempted to escape the compound.

• A brawl between two different ethnic groups broke out, in which makeshift weapons were used and multiple injuries sustained.

• Mass hunger strikes, serious assaults and self-harm attempts occurred frequently.

• A child threatened to commit suicide.

• A "crying" and "distressed" asylum seeker woman was delayed in receiving medical treatment for three days due to a communication breakdown between agencies.

Now we have two systems of law in Australia. The ordinary laws which we all must obey, and Morrison's law.

Under Morrison's new law, refugees living in Australia must sign a "code of conduct".

Asylum seekers already in Australia can have their visas cancelled or their meagre government payments reduced if they breach a new code of conduct prohibiting “antisocial behaviour” or “lying to a government official”, or if they fail to attend an interview.

Of course those on Manus or Nauru will never get to Australia, and cannot talk to journalists.

And Morrison claims to be a Christian. He's a member of Shirelive, a Pentecostal sect. Their fellow-travellers seem to have been active concerning carvings in the PNG Parliament House recently.

Anyone see a connection?

The rumour may come from this -

And appears to have no factual evidence to support it. (Members can make slurs and defame people in the house and are protected by Parliamentary Privilege.)

The question is from Michaela Cash, a long-standing member of the liberal party, asking a Dorothy Dixer, and famous for proclaiming that she is the Minister Assisting the Prime Minister for Woman.

I intercepted a 'rumour' some time ago, but it's really such. So, I am not stating a fact. I would be grateful to anybody who could either confirm or deny it.

The rumoir goes that some skilled refugees may be resettled in PNG by means of a job with the LNG project. I wouldn't say the idea is too bad.

It could be the way PNG contributes its share to the international community. But should first secure that human rights are upheld in Manus and do not leave everything to Australia.

Under Morrison's rules, journalists are only allowed into detention centres if they sign an undertaking not to interview asylum seekers.

Also local Manus church groups have been turned away from the centre when trying to deliver food and gifts.

That is the real Australian censorship.

Fr Giorgio. Both the Coalition and Labor have said that no refugees on Manus or Nauru will be re-settled in Australia. They might end up in Port Moresby though.

But Morrison has recently stated that 800 Afghani interpreters and 500 Syrian refugees will be resettled - in Australia.

Can someone explain the logic behind this? Are there "good" refugees and "bad refugees"?

Amnesty's findings are no surprise since the detainees conditions are certainly consistent with Australia's overall policy of discouraging the boats and the boat people. PNG's fault is to see the issue only from the point of view of the economic benefits of the agreement; apparently no sufficient consideration for its own constitutional provisions and for human rights at large... Both countries risk international reprimend. Just hope that at least the processing is fair and fast, so that genuine refugees can be safely resettled in Australia and the others taken back to their country or given another opportunity.

It is a sad story. I think it is a deliberate tactic employed by the Australian government to discourage and deter others from seeking asylum in Australia. It isn't fair to deliberately subject fellow human beings to extreme hardship in pursuit of one's own interest. They must be treated properly and decently like human beings until they are processed for a permanent home.

The blackfellas in the outback settlements of Australia make porn movies using their mobile phones Keith. They then send them to people's phones for a fee. Crude but effective. I've heard similar rumours about Manus.

Well maybe the refugees can sneak in the phones and do their stuff, but I guess my point is that these stories without substantiating evidence heap even more odium on some very vulnerable people - KJ

There are reports about refugees producing porn videos with locals working in the detention center. If this is true, then it seems a few of these so-called refugees are enjoying life at the center at the expense of others. Relevant authorities should get to the bottom of this.

One would have to ask, before accepting this story, where interned refugees would procure the equipment to make any kind of video - KJ

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