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20 December 2013


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Thank You Phil!!

Its imaginative but its really happening in real life. I as a female feel really bad when I hear about women being criticsed by their inlaws and the man's relative for not being fit for their son and such. The common understanding I believe is that there should at least be respect for individuals instead of treating them like people with no feelings and emotions. Like they are not human.

Only just got round to reading your short story Dominica and I thought I'd better let you know I reckon it's a good one.

Nice build up and then the unexpected surprise.

Also an interesting account of the clash between the traditional and the modern and the choices people are now forced to make. Sometimes thay don't fit together and you have to chose between the two.

I imagine it's a choice that more women than men in PNG have to make.

It also illustrates the problem many people in PNG seem to have in confronting issues; they would rather ignore them and hope they don't have to confront them or, better still, they'll go away.

It would have been a lot easier if the parents and the boyfriend had come clean before the girl was embarassed.

Lots of things to think about, as a good short story should be.

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