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18 December 2013


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In PNG even the most sincere optimist would balk at the idea of the government actually doing something right by the people on the SABL's.

Obviously the SABL eradication falls to the upcoming ICAC. The sooner it can be set up the better.

Corruption watchers should keep their eye on what is happening in NSW at the moment.

The ICAC has called for the granting of certain mining leases, which involve the former NSW MP Eddie Obied, to be cancelled. They said the granting of the leases "was so tainted by corruption that those (exploration or mining) authorities should be expunged or cancelled and any pending applications regarding them should be refused".

Nucoal and Cascade Coal are up in arms but I feel the NSW parliament will bring in legislation to back the ICAC.

If the PNG parliament really believe in getting rid of corruption they have to get this ICAC up and running as soon as possible so they can investigate and expose all the corruption that has taken place in the setting up of these SABLs.

The government must then bring in new laws to see that these 99 year leases are vetoed, the land tenure returned to its rightful owners and that some other form of land tenure rules be introduced to allow development projects to take place and for the rightful owners to be given the payments for the use of their lands.

The exploitation of rural peoples must stop.

PNG leaders just love to screw their own people.

Not even the PM can do anything about this sadistic streak.

And the Speaker is too busy burning carvings.

With less than two months in Parliament sitting next year, how exactly does the legislature think they're going to sort out government business.

With a vast majority of MP's in the government side all vying to get into the executive team one would think we'd be able to get the right man or woman for the job.

Maybe after the Speakers reformation.

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