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14 December 2013


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The latest news is that the Sevua report has not yet been discussed by the NEC. The government keeps prevaricating and will decide "in due time".

Hopefully, that will be in time to save UNITECH. Meanwhile Act Now PNG! has lend its support to the two petitions:

Here is the link to David Arore's video performance, or Xmas extravaganza:

The UNITECH Council does not need the Minister's permission to keep me employed, since they are autonomous as per the University Act of 1986. Arore can not instruct them to do anything.

I have a valid contract with the Council as Vice-Chancellor until December 2016 dated March 2013. The UNITECH council endorsed my position as Vice-Chancellor twice in their August and December meetings this year.

The allegations that my presence is a threat to national security is ludicrous and baseless. In fact, the students demonstrated "No Shram, no Classes" in March 2013 because of my ABSENCE, not my presence.

There is a full blown conflict now between the Minister and the University Council, with the student body and the UNITECH staff firmly behind the Council. We will see how this ends.

The Unitech council did not make a forceful decision. They are a bunch of businessmen and former diplomats more concerned with keeping their future consultancy opportunities than doing the best thing for PNG.

They took the easy way out. They did not stand up to the government and that's why David Arore felt free to come out with his termination speech. The whole thing is disgusting. Don't praise the council they deserve nothing but our scorn!

The flicker of hope soon disappeared, see EMTV's article. David Arore has just panicked and just announced another attempt to dismiss me in the name of public order and due process.

Come on Minister, me a national security threat? Based on what evidence? Is it suddenly all about me? The students have been restless because I was kept out of the country by your heavy handed tactics, and you were unable to orchestrate a solution to the conflict for over one year now.

Apparently, due process need not be followed in my case, according to David Arore. The UNITECH Council is my employer and is independent of the government, as per the University Act of 1986.

Moreover, due to the incessant attacks by the old Council last year, my appointment procedure and employment status are currently sub judice (Supreme Court Motion 1/2013).

My position as substantive Vice-Chancelor has been endorsed by Council twice in its August and December meetings.

The Minister should reconsider his position.

Let this be a sign that PNG embraces democracy more than corruption. Hopefully Dr Schram is able to return to his home to continue his job and work together with the leaders of PNG to really want make it a better country!

Albert Schram, you appear to be a good man.

It seems that all we ever do in PNG is hope and pray.

That's supposed to be a good thing, right?

As for our leaders, their leading us alright, but only God knows where. (Maybe he's already told the Speaker).

We are lobbying over Xmas to get a government decision in this regard. We are afraid that lack of progress will again lead to expressions of student and staff frustration and anger at the start of the academic year. We can already observe this in the social media. Please PNG political leaders, lead!

Probably Evelyn Waugh would rather me write: 'were alive' than 'was alive'.

I do wish Evelyn Waugh was alive to write a novel based on PNG - 'Black Mischief Mark 2'.

Thank you for this most comprehensive and clear piece.

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