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26 December 2013


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Strange release. How government entities would be convinced by journalists or economists to pay large amounts to a fraud just seems beyond stupid.

Is this some sort of pre-emptive strike to discredit them?

The days of being ignorant are over. It is high time all public servants are fully educated to do their jobs in their respective offices, know all procedures for granting contracts, and for signing worthy deals.

These lame excuses of being conned by every Tom, Dick and Evelyn just because he/she speaks business English, carries a brand name briefcase and readily hands over a business card does not necessarily mean he/she can give the best.

Public servants should and must think along the lines of credibility of an entity as well.

2.6 mil PGK can do a lot for training for officers who are signing these deals or replace the ones deliberately signing off on such.

Surprise, surprise, surprise! And just who are these public servants who seemingly are free to write cheques willy-nilly and why haven't thay been publicly castigated and dismissed?

Didn't they remember that it's not their own money but the public's taxes for which they are accountable.

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