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24 December 2013


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William - speaking of one Djoko Tjandra (now known as Mr Chan)...

"Rice growers face loss of $80m PNG market

The winner (of the rice-monopoly tender) -- against competitors including Trukai, the company through which Australian rice growers market and also produce, on a small scale, in PNG -- was Naima Agroindustry.

Naima is a subsidiary of Indonesia-based Mulia, a company whose principal is Djoko Tjandra.

Mr Tjandra, 62, was last year given citizenship in PNG, where he is now known as Joe Chan, at a secret ceremony, after fleeing by private jet from Jakarta when he had been ordered to appear before a court there in a corruption case for which he was jailed in absentia for two years.

This company is seeking a 20-year tax holiday, and the imposition of an 80 per cent duty on all rice that it does not import -- boosting consumer prices by an estimated 60 per cent and effectively locking Trukai and the other major suppliers, two Thai brands and a Vietnamese brand, out of the PNG market."


"Djoko refused entry into Japan

Indonesian fugitive Djoko Tjandra was refused entry into Japan at Narita airport on Saturday because his travel documents appeared fake."

What's the price of inflation on rorting. The ABC has just announced that the PNG government has increased the medicine appropration by $8 million.

Thieving of course is nothing new. When I was the Treasury Transport Officer in Kundiawa in 1970, we had to resort to branding the government vehicle tyres with the registration numbers.

However one side was not enough. The drivers sold them then the new owner's reversed the tyres on their rims.

I just heard on ABC Radio that Julie Bishop has revoked the $38 million aid grant to the PNG Health Department for the purchase of much needed medicines.

This is a direct result of the rorting, of the PNG tender process by awarding tenders to a giaman supplier of Chinese medicine of a highly dubious quality.

I wonder if the international criminal Tjandra is involved. He certainly is being well protected by O'Neill's government.

It appears that the government has found the money to fund the purchase thus allowing the rort to continue.

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