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27 December 2013


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This report is as sad as it can get when at this time PNGns should be looking back over the past year to see how much has been achieved in terms of the governments goals toward the well-being of its people.

I understand why Australia is withdrawing its support. The tender process wasn't transparent as agreed upon by both parties and primarily the winning bidder did not have ISO 9001 accreditation.

What beats me is why we would choose a quotation/proposal of $9 mil more than the usual cost after a survey done 2 years ago found the provider to be providing sub-standard antibiotics (3/4) with one probable counterfeit (1/4). Simple math tells us if quality is lower, price should be lower!

How many people must die before this error is corrected?

Clearly we are not as precious to the rulers of the day as we think!
Not really a hopeful way to end the year nor look forward to a new year of milestones in quality treatment of the vast majority of the needy in PNG.

Here's the first high profile case for PM O'Neill's new ICAC to investigate.

But justice delayed is justice denied.

Any trained PS auditor could wrap up a detailed report and recommendations to the PM in a few days at a minimum of cost. The facts are already known.

All it takes is the determination to get it done efficiently and effectively.

As I said in an earlier post today, all it takes is to change the paradigm.

The whole hierarchy from the Minister and the Secretary for Health down have questions to answer as to whether or not they were on the take as the whole perception from here is that this is what obviously happened. They need to clear these perceptions which are now in all the health workers minds.

The overwhelming evidence is there that poor quality drugs and other necessary items have been brought in with dire consequences for patients.

We have had intravenous sets for giving fluids which were faulty resulting in infants and children inadvertently receiving huge amount of fluids and it is possible some may have died from fluid overload.

Some drugs such as used to paralyse snake bite patients prior to inserting a breathing tube (endotracheal tube) into the airways have been shown to be ineffective resulting in the decision to bring these drugs in independently from Australia.

Scientific data (published in reputable journals) have shown drugs such as amoxicillin brought in have been largely fake or of very poor quality.

Even I personally found my high BP medication at very high doses were not working until I switched to an Indian made version and found I had to quickly cut down to a quarter of the dose I was on and it worked.

These are all drugs manufactured in China.

For the last weeks I spent most of the working days with the Dean of the Medical School who is also the President of the Medical Society which put out the press statement challenging the awarding of the contract to BP.

We were being interrupted by phone calls several times a day urging him to withdraw the statement from people associated with this company (some of them our own colleagues) or he would be sued or to meet with him. To his credit he has refused to do so and has consulted his lawyers.

The removal of regulatory requirements so that this company could be awarded the contract is blatantly wrong. The Minister and the Secretary for Health need to be sacked.

This is shocking. The people in the National Department of Health in PNG seems to have short memories. 2011 is not long ago.

If the Borneo Pacific bid of $31 million (71 million kina) was $9 million more than the bid from International Dispensary Association, which successfully delivered the kits for the past two years, why was BP given the contract?

People will just be throwing away their pills, they will lose faith in them. It will be OK for the members of Parliament and the top public servants, they can just jump on the next plane to Cairns and front up at a Cairns hospital or doctor!

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