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04 December 2013


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Surely this can't be relevant?

"An Australian surveillance executive whose firm was contracted by several clients to sweep for hidden mobile interceptors and other spying devices in Australia and Asia has found dozens of them.

"Les Goldsmith, chief executive of ESD Group, told Fairfax Media his company found about 20 physical bugs when conducting sweeps in Australian business and local government offices, and another 68 in Asia between 2005 and 2011.

"The firm found 47 bugs in Papua New Guinea, ten in Singapore, three in the Philippines, five in Thailand, two in India and one in Fiji in several searches."

Well done TFS and AFP. Sharing intelligence is smart. Duh

I do hope that the task force is given "teeth" to bite! Otherwise all of this will be nothing, but investigations to referrals, to investigations to referrals, to investigations to referrals.

A case of merry-go-rounds, with one agency referring the case to another agency who refers the case to another agency, all of them after spending subastantial time and money 'investigating' the facts that have already been proven by the first referring agency.

We do have anti-corruption agencies, like the Ombudsman Commission etc, who need to be empowered through legislation to bring the culprits to court!

Great news to hear that the Australian Federal Police will work with Taskforce Sweep to target both PNG nationals and Australians in PNG who have become rich for no apparent reason and bought properties in Australia.

PNG social media writers should approve of the shared intelligence. There have been many rumours floating around for a long time. Now we may be able to see if there is any truth in them.

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