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25 December 2013


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Mrs Short:

Salaries for "Level 1" teachers begin at PHP18,546/month x 12 = PHP222,552/year = K12,500/year.
Along a graduated scale, increases are capped for "Level 3" teachers at PHP22,982/month x 12 = PHP27,5784/year = K15,528/year.

"Master" teachers enjoy higher salaries, starting at PHP31,351/month to PHP42,636/month or PHP376,212/year to PHP511,632/year or K20,941/year to K28,468/year.

These are 2012 figures.

Current Income tax rates: for those in the PHP250,000 to PHP500,000 range, they are taxed "PHP50,000 + 30% of the excess over PHP250000". Or K2,812 + 30% of the excess.

Do the math, compare and contrast.

PNG Parliamentarian salaries in 2010: Yankee or Auzzie dollars?

Speculation in 2011:

Good education for the next generation. Excellent, well equipped schools, well trained committed teachers, appropriate curriculum. Is what this country needs.

Let us hope that the members of the PNG parliament will get serious about education for the uneducated 50%. I wonder how these advertised wages for teachers compares to their own salaries.

It certainly doesn't sound like the level of wages that would be necessary to attract qualified teachers.

Yes, education education education is the solution! To elaborate on Mrs Short's final remarks, read:

"Lecturers" implies tertiary education.

"Teachers/instructors" implies vocational schools. Eighty-one to be recruited. Salaries K47000 to K52000 a year.

Taxed at 35%!

Do the math: net income annually ranges from K30550 to K33800.

No doubt National High Schools are out of the loop and the "Schools of Excellence" project will continue to be sidelined (as it has been since Justin Kehatsin's formal proposal in 1995).

Thanks. That helps me to better understand what is going on.

Today is hard to say "The Church". It was much easier in the past when most of the countries were also clearly defined by the Catholic, Lutheran, Anglican... Church. Is Mr. Zurenuoc still a Lutheran or acting on behaf of the Lutherans or with the consensus from the Lutheran leaders or the Council of Churches? I really doubt! So now we have individuals (or small groups) acting on their own and based on the mandate they have received. If the PNG Parliament decides, for example, to amend the Constitution and ban no-Christian faiths, don't blame the Churches or any Church in particular. No Church will support such a move. So, if you like me are among those who disagree with the move, blame the individual MPs whose votes put together make up the required number for a Constitutional reform. It's clearly a case of the the State invading the space of religions and Churches than vice-versa.

I like your comment - "Politics and economics have their own laws and criteria. The most fundamental is honesty and the concern for the common good. Churches and other people of good will can only remind leaders about it and bring issues to light."

Yes, the Church and the State are different. But the people who make up the Church, especially when they are elected to a parliament, can comment on the "laws and criteria" involved in the running of the Parliament and the Economy.

In this recent case of the Speaker, apparently on behalf of the Church, saying how the Parliament should be run, we have, what looks like, the Church trying to run the Parliament. The Parliament has to run the Parliament.

If the Parliament agree to remove the carvings and send them to the museum, then I don't think we can object.

I agree that education is the answer to many of the problems that we have recently seen in PNG. I am just amazed that I haven't read more about the building of new schools and the training of new teachers. But I have heard how they are advertising in the Philippines for school teachers and the wages they are offering are very low.

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