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22 December 2013


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Thanks Barbara for your comments. Two quick response:

(1.) there is nothing wrong in trying to give ones best and wanting more. It must be done the right way.

(2). As a country, we need to realise that really at the very basic level, there is enough resources to go around for every one (only I am not sure whether we have equally enough love and intention).

We need new perpectives on looking at same problems and issues.

I hope and a believe in the future must remain with more people connecting, publishing their work, being genuine and open to ideas, and giving their best.

Some excellent thoughts, John Kamasua.

I think your comment "more quality work needs to be done at the local levels – districts and local level governments" is the key.

I'm tired of hearing about the problems of the National Parliament. I think too many of the politicians spend too much of their time in Port Moresby.

Good leadership is needed back in the provinces. The tyranny of distance has caused places like Wewak and the East Sepik to lack development.

The poor roads and bridges, the old neglected hospital, poor Passam National High School still closed, the run-down Police station, the filth in the swamps, the raping of women,the young men running amok, the lack of the development of tourism, the rape of the forests near Turubu, the underpaid and over-worked women of the fish canning factory, the lack of paid employment, the lack of apprenticeships, the fear that the Frieda River mine will cause the end of life for the Sepik River villagers, the introduction of fish that have upset the Sepik River eco-system and caused the death and destruction of Chambri Lakes, and so on and on.

But there is life at the end of the tunnel. Good men and women are getting together and doing things to clean up the place. But leadership is lacking. They don't see much of their elected leaders. They don't live amongst them.

They are too busy down in Port Moresby playing politics, getting rich and as you say working out ways to get a "VX, to live on Toguaba Hill, to get a PhD, be a millionaire," and maybe buy a house in Cairns.

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