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16 December 2013


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This the PNG way of political leadership: Do whatever we like and explain it to the people later.

I imagine the scheming: "If they don't know until the last minute then their will be nothing they can do to stop it."

"Besides it's a spritual thing and that makes it easy to cow any opposition. We'll call it Gods will."

Leave superstition and inuendo aside and talk about the facts.

Heritage carvings have been destroyed without due process.

This the PNG way of political leadership: Do whatever we like and explain it to the people later.

I imagine the scheming: "If they don't know until the last minute then their will be nothing they can do to stop it."

"Besides it's a spritual thing and that makes it easy to cow any opposition. We'll call it God's will."

Leave superstition and inuendo aside and talk about the facts.

Heritage carvings have been destroyed without due process.

David, as a learned person of the law I am surprised that you do not support due process in removing the carvings that you so adamantly claim are evil, whereas a good many others do not.

Double standards?

Religion and Law are convenient tools aren't they?

What some men really want is to have it their own way and bugger the rest of us. Good luck.

Michael Dom, the Parliament may not be a church but prayers are normally offered to God almighty each time when Parliament sits. We know those carvings are symbols of ancestral gods. You find them in tradition haus tambrans where ancestral sprits were worshipped. Thus, I think they don't deserve a place in the Parliament. Their place is the National Muesum!

Thank you Frank and Robert for raising your concern about Michael Dom's reference to my sick bed. Whether the reference is proper and really relevant and necessary to the whole argument, I don't understand. Only Michael knows the answer. Never mind as I do understand that sometimes when we are too emotional we are carried away saying things that we shouldn't have said it. As Frank has pointed out, let's not side track from the core issue ... the removal of the carvings from Parliament House.

David Gonol - the House of Parliament is not a sacred place. It is not the House of God but the House of People, where humans make decisions based on how best we can live together.

How best we can live together, which also means allowing us to celebrate our culture and pursue our beliefs as individuals.

Parliament is not sacred, not the House of God, i.e. a church. Otherwise we could never have been allowed to pass the death penalty.

Or do you suggest otherwise?

Fantastic arguments people. As usual, all after the fact.

Barbara - we have all been Westernised. I won't be the fool to deny it. And we have all seen our fair share of misery in life. Francis does not waste time on pity. Don't do it for him.

Apologise for what Robert and Frank? I am sure that Francis understands my statement.

Let's not get soppy.

The way the carvings were treated is exactly parallel with burning Francis's creations while he is helpless to prevent it.

Who knew this was happening? Who asked us? Do we not have the right to decide anymore what happens with the items that are part of our heritage?

We will regret all this stupidity.

Merry Christmas.

I happened upon six of the carved heads recently removed from the Parliament at the weekend. They were drinking SP in public at Gordon's Market.

I joined them and as the day passes on we drank great many beers; even steam from Hanuabada given to us by a friend of theirs.

Passers by wished us well and went on their business. Even the police didn't bother. They knew, their shate from the next robbery is guaranteed.

Anyway, this one with a big head and forked nose and eyes like the devil spoke to me about a big plan.

The carved heads want to partner with the Chinese to take over PNG's mineral and petroleum resources. Since they've just been given the approval to supply fake drugs to PNG, the Chinese thinks it'll be easy to have everything.

I asked; "how are you going to fund your share in the Chinese company?"

"We've stolen some money from the last Parliament's Speaker's stashed cash under the pool by the parliament. It should be enough," said the carved heads' leader.

He also joked about how many young schools girls he bedded in the Haus Tambaran. And made movies of each encounter. You can find this movies on

I stopped asking questions and enjoyed the rest of the day with them. They dropped me off in the evening and went to their homes all at Touaguba Hill.

So I agree we should remove all carved images and burn them. They are stealing from us.

Aw come on people. We can all be friends at Christmas. And Holmes has a part to play!

Remember -

'My name is Sherlock Holmes. It is my business to know what other people don't know.'

And -

'It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.'

Many artefact fanciers from the past would be turning in their graves over the madness of removing carvings from the National Parliament. Bob Mackie is one who readily comes to my mind.


A woman – a breast cancer patient, came to an apostle of faith by the name of Smith Wigglesworth for healing prayer. He approached her with a stern look and gave a mighty punch at the cancerous tumour and said something like this: "Devil flee! Woman be healed in Jesus' name." It so happened that the woman came out to be perfectly healed soon after.

Later media people interviewed him, asking why he was using aggression and force when ministering to the sick. This is how he replied, "I am not aggressive against the people. I love them dearly. However, hiding behind those cancerous tumours is the Devil. Thus, I am aggressive at the Devil who is hiding behind the cancer; I am punching him out of the person who is the child of God"

Similarly the Speaker destroyed the carvings which represent ancestral sprits. Behind those ancestral carvings are ancestral sprits. Carvings were used in ancestral sprit worship and many of such carvings are found in ‘Haus Tambrans’. There would be a reason why God in the Bible would command his servants to destroy carvings, images, and symbols which are made of wood, stone & metal (Isaiah 44; Micah 5; Isaiah 42, etc).

Parliament is a very strategic place and sacred place. Allowing symbols of ancestral sprits to take the centre stage in the Parliament may give free access to ancestral sprits to loiter around and cloud up Parliamentarians minds so that they may not make wise decisions for this country. We normally trust and vote for good leaders, but when they enter the Parliament their nature changes, so we brand them as corrupt leaders. Something is really wrong somewhere.

Yes, heart of man is wicked and need to be fixed, but the place where most important decisions of the country are normally made must also be fixed. It must be free from any trace of evil or anything that will disturb clarity of thinking. The carvings, as I said, represent ancestral sprits. They are used in ‘Haus Tambrans’ to worship ancestral sprits. The Parliament house is not a worship place of ancestral spirits. It is a sacred place where most important decisions of this nation are made.

The action taken by the Speaker is not an easy action. I believe he took the action after much prayer. Those who walk by sight might say that some cultural materials have been destroyed, but those who walk by faith might agree with the actions of the Speaker.

Finally, the Speaker removed the carvings not without reason. The carvings were removed to renovate the Parliament. Further, you go to be bold to take such action. Thus, despite our differing views, I view the Speaker to be a silent and yet a bold man. His bold decision speaks about the kind of person he is.

We cried for a good Speaker after the last speaker. The last Speaker made a lot of unwise decisions which almost threw our nation into a state of anarchy. However, by God’s grace we have come out. We are now so blessed with a very good speaker. He has brought decency back to the Parliament. Thus, our Speaker surely deserves some praise for his boldness.

May God bless the Speaker, the Parliament and Papua New Guinea!

Michael, Francis in sick bed is completely irrelevant and insensitive. You owe Francis an apology.

Peter - I believe that two men from the Australian Parliament are now before the courts for corrupt conduct. There are probably others who have got away with things.

But I doubt if it had anything to do with the mosaics - unless they put them into some sort of sleep where they thought they could get away with it. Hah!

It's unfair, Michael, to refer to Francis's sick bed. Best stick to the issue of discussion.

I believe the removal of a few carvings is of lesser importance than the the millions stolen or abused from our nations coffers through corrupt dealings.

The Speaker's point of view has been published for the first time in today's Post-Courier for everyone to see where he stands.

Barbara - What about the Australian Parliament House?

"The Forecourt Mosaic is based on a Central Desert dot-style painting by Nelson Jagamara, a leading Aboriginal artist from the Papunya community of the Northern Territory.

"The mosaic is made up of approximately 90,000 hand-guillotined granite pieces in seven different colours and represents a Possum and Wallaby Dreaming."

Michael - You might be amused by the current debate in the US (well on Fox News anyway) that Santa Claus must remain a white man - even thought the original St Nick was probably from Turkey and looked more like Osama Bin Laden than Tim Allen.

Terry, you are wrong. These Messianic Jews do believe that Jesus was the promised Messiah.

The term "prayer warriors" is common in many Christian churches and refers to any group of people who decide to pray for a certain thing, e.g. the health of a person who is sick, the success of a mission etc.

Yes, we may live in a "fallen world" and it may appear that Satan has the upper hand, but we, as Christians, can pray for miracles and work towards justice and righteousness in this world.

I hope this dispute over the carvings will be a time when all the politicians in the PNG parliament will take stock of themselves.

Whether the carvings had anything to do with the injustice of the past we will probably never know but the fact that injustice and corruption has taken place has been proven.

I also hope the carvings will be saved.

Mike, if a referendum is taken on this issue, you will be surprised that the grassroots majority will want all these carvings to go. It is a few academics and so-called elites who are so emotionally againsting the project. The house belongs to the entire 21 provinces of PNG. It would be lovely to hear their humble edicts on those spiritual depictions from Murik.

What is ironic is that all this destruction follows the advice of an Israel-based Messianic group.

These Mssianics are Jewish. The Jewish religion firmly believes that Jesus Christ is not the son of God but was an ordinary person.

So all the destruction follows the advice of a group whose beliefs go against the very core belief of Christianity!

Michael, you are sounding very Westernized!

Maybe you have spent a lot of time in Australia while Francis is trapped in a Haus Sik in Simbu, amongst the sick and the dying.

I think Satan is having a great time amongst those fellows who work in the Parliament Haus. Whether the carvings have anything to do with it is another matter.

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