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21 October 2013


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A beautiful story. It beats all genres of writing in Papua New Guinea.

We seek permission to reproduce this story and pass it on through the web pages.

Many thanks for this beautiful story.

Wow - Keith and PNG Attitude are doing a fantastic job! Almost to the target. Help out guys and gals!

And for Francis... Na angra, wakai kaninga!

Many thanks for circulating this tragic but very brave story. It is a tribute to you also for providing the means whereby Francis can write.

Bro Francis, I have a poem here for you to read for enjoyment.

It is my parody of Robert Frost's "The Rose Family" (American; 1874 - 1963).

The rose is a rose
It always was a rose
But now the story goes
That the buai's a rose
The beer is, and so's
The gecko, I suppose
God only knows
What next will prove a rose
You,of course are a rose
But you will always be a rose.

Happy reading bro.

Keep writing, Francis. We love the "pieces of your mind".

What a great man. It just confirms my belief that 'You can measure a Man by his size, but the true and unique measure comes from his Mind'. Francis' story moved me to tears.

Francis, Thank you so much for your moving story.

For what it's worth I have an experience of a person with a disability who conquered the odds and became a Paralympic champion.

I use to work at the Cerebral Palsy (CP) Centre of NSW (previously known as The Spastic Centre of NSW, but that a isn't politically correct term now.)

Well I made friends there with a man older than me who had CP along with his wife. We shared a love of sailing, but as he was in a wheelchair this was somewhat difficult for him to fulfill. But there is a special class of sailing boats designed for disabled people. We eventually managed to get one for him to sail (it had special adaptations) and he took to it like a duck to water. He raced on Pittwater (north of Sydney) and eventually became so adept he was chosen for the 2000 Australian Paralympic team.

He didn't win his races but I think just taking part was the highlight of his life.

So if you have faith you can overcome all odds and achieve great things in your life. Which you have already shown us in your writings.

God bless, and hang in there!

Wow, thank you for that inspiring story. I'm speechless.

I do not know the gentleman but I do admire his guts and courage. He does not give in as many do.

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