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29 September 2013


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So Prof Howes thinks that nationalisation of Ok Tedi is a major risk to investor confidence and that alone would cripple the economy.

This learned professor needs to be assisted to realise that BHP grossly polluted the Fly River system, its environment and walked away scot free without paying any compensation.

PNGSDP was created largely as a smokescreen to hide the glaring sins and environmental rape committed by BHP.

BHP has had no interest in Ok Tedi over the past 10 years yet continued to manage Ok Tedi by remote control through PNGSDP.

For any thinking PNGian there is no logic in Prof Howes' statement but only for the governemnt to take over and manage the mine for the benefit of the landowners and the affected area communities.

Prof Howes must now realise that this country is on the move and the paradigm that offered comfort zones for some fly in-fly out consultants are numbered.

Readers of this blog still need to know the name of the trustees of the Long Term Fund and the terms of reference of the Long Term Fund for purposes of transparency.

My apogies on the error of naming Helen Huhes as a trustee of the Long Term Fund.

With regard to this anonymous attack, I would like to correct the record on one important point.

We (the Development Policy Centre) receive project funding from AusAID for our PNG Promoting Effective Public Expenditure project which carries out budget analysis and expenditure tracking together with the National Research Institute, but the majority of our funding is not from AusAID, but from the Harold Mitchell Foundation and the Australian National University.

Having this untied or core funding is critical for our independence. It's all in our Annual Report at

I'd also like to correct Gabriel Ramoi on one point in his most recent blog. Helen Hughes did many things but she never served on the Board of PNG SDP.

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