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26 August 2013


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I think Sam Koim is a very brave man. I notice that he has armed full-time bodyguards and I pray that he and his family will be kept safe during this time when corruption is being exposed.

A lot of this "corruption" took place when government departments took over the handling of large sums of money and did not follow careful accounting practices.

Accounting protocols were not followed - tenders were not called for, jobs were given to wantoks etc, etc.

I notice that Sam Koim is speaking to the accountants and auditors of PNG and warning them to be transparent in their accounting methods.

There are probably people being elected to parliament who have little understanding of correct accounting methods and who think they have the power to over-rule long held financial regulations and methods which have been put in place to stop corruption in government departments.

They are a nightmare for the people trying to run government departments and have caused much heart ache in the past.

It is up to the Minister of Treasury and Finance, Don Polye, and people working in his department, such as Simon Tosali, Steven Gibson and Betty Palaso, etc, to see that better accounting structures are in place to see that money doesn't just "disappear" in the future.

"Australian aid is being lost to corruption, with an estimated $1.7 billion being stolen from Papua New Guinea's (PNG) budget annually."

That's 1.7 billion not 1.7 million !

Well, it's nearly 24 hours after that pesky reporter asked KRudd why the misappropriated aid monies were not being repatriated to PNG.
Has anyone heard a response generated to answer that lingering question?

When the PNG general election comes, the bunch of corrupted yet pretending to be a leader scramble for numbers.

They are praying to their gods to help them get into the parliament because they know they will become richer over night and grow their tummy into the size of a circle.

It's well documented that a large part of what they don't get their hands on goes to 'consultants' from largely the Canberra/Australian academia.

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