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09 July 2013


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Hello Alison - Nobody knows the story about Peter Power better than I. If it is still relevant to you, I will respond in great detail if you send me an email. I assure you of my sincerity and the accuracy of the information I can give you. In 1976, Peter was my best friend.

Duncan's email is - KJ

Hi Alison, I have never known the true story about Uncle Peter. Thank you for sharing his story and legacy.

I don't know what made me google 'Peter Power Papua New Guinea murder' tonight. I didnt think it would actually come up with anything.

I am glad you are doing something about get him the recognition he deserves. I would love to hear from you. Your cousin, Fiona Murphy xxx

Hi John - Is it possible for me to have your email address? It sounds like you would have information about Peter's death. I don't recall anyone mentioning your name at the time.

I am interested in whatever you can tell me about Peter.

There was coverage in the Colac and Melbourne newspapers at the time, of which I have the clippings. It just seemed so bizarre for someone to kill him for the reasons given.

Also, I have always felt outrage that the murderer only got a prison sentence of 12 years. I wish it was a life sentence. How much is a man's life worth?

I have provided John's email address to Alison - KJ

Dear David and Deborah - It is so good to hear that you knew my uncle, and liked him :-)

If you are able to find the contact details for Mark O'Regan would you please send them to me?

I feel so relieved to know that he fought for justice for my uncle.

Thank you so much for your response.

As an old Colac boy also I remember Peter well and was in Moresby when he was murdered

I remember Peter Power visiting our home in Talasea, West New Britain. He impressed me as a thoughtful, diligent and fair-minded fellow.

Next time I met him was in Port Moresby when he was Acting Principal of the Administrative College. He was quite impressive. I was shocked to hear how his life ended.

Alison, both my wife Deborah and I remember your uncle very well. We liked him very much.

Mark O'Regan, a fellow kiap of his, was a very good friend of Peter's.

Mark now lives in the States. I did once have his email address, and if I can trace it again I'll pass it onto you.

I also have an idea that Mark was important in bringing Peter's murderer to justice.

Hi Frank - Thank you so much.

I did email the AFP yesterday but did not have the information you have provided.

I have kept letters he sent me before his death which I treasure.

If I can stand up for him now I will be doing what I was incapable of doing when I was twenty-one.

Another thank you to you Keith for publishing my letter.

Hi Alison - Further to my previous post.

Postal address:
Australian Federal Police
Recognition and Awards
GPO Box 401
Canberra ACT 2601

Email address:

Hi Alison - I did not know Peter personally but from my own records and from records on the Ex-Kiaps' website I can confirm that Peter James Power with a seniority date of 2/2/1960 and a rank of District Officer was an active member of our Department in 1973 and is most certainly eligible for the Police Overseas Service Medal (POSM.)

All applications are being handled by the Awards Section of the Australian Federal Police. I will look up the details snd post them shortly.

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