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20 May 2013


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UN who? Oh this bunch of suckers?

Why don't you go and lecture Indonesians and get them to butt out of West Papua?

Stop wasting your time trying to tell us how to run our affairs and piss off.

I support you, Jeff. They just talk and talk without anything being done about Indonesia murdering so many Melanesian brothers and sisters on the other side of the border.

Hello UN - thumb sucker - when are you going to demand the Indonesians to stop murdering my brothers and sisters in West Papua?

It's a bit difficult to appeal to the higher ideals of a culture that understands and respects strength.

A person with power and access to funds, public or private and who avails himself of the opportunity to fill his own purse, is seen to be wealthy and with the knowledge by the grass roots sector that his wealth was to be for roads, schools and hospitals that they don't have will in many cases, pay deference to him because he is rich.

In early times Papua New Guineans dispensed justice according to their culture, at times lenient and others, overboard but nevertheless, village elders had power and kept a measure of law and order.

The white man then entered the picture with his rules and said, "Our system of government with a new court system will dispense justice"

Now crime is out of control because the elders no longer have any power.

Other nations trying to direct PNG on a path commensurate with their own values, that is, among other things, human rights and the death penalty should take note of Leonard Roka's comment earlier in this feed on 21 May. He got it right in his last line, Translate human rights in the PNG way.

PNG is an apparatus or equipment where foreign concepts are experimented.

I might be kidding so one can make your own judgment!

Agree with Steve. From my understanding, the UN is made up of many independent countries who can voice their concerns but, seeing the US as a powerful country, it is evident that it is dominant in manipulating decision-making in the UN.

Therefore, being an independent and free country, PNG needs to exercise its sovereignty, we don't need any country to interfere in the domestic issue by hiding in the mask.

To what Corney has said, it is very true. Why doesn't the UN look and voice the inhuman activitiy in West Papua instead of lecturing to PNG.

It is very clear too what Steve has said. The UN is dictating the interests of the US. The UN was not vocal on the issue of West Papua because the US is making millions in West Papua through the largest gold mine.

God Bless West Papua and forgive the sins of the US and Indonesia and one day give West Papua freedom!

Such imperialism of pushing your dirty nose into the affairs of states has resulted in poverty, underdevelopment and so on that today has produced problems like terrorism in the world and yet the UN and Europe claim that such resistance is home grown.

The Third World will never develop because such bloodsuckers, all of whom are UN backed, like IMF, WB or EU, have denied them the right to advancement.

For PNG, your survival is not in looking up to such hopeless bastards like the UN to sort out this problem.

Human rights are suitable for the developed countries and if you want to apply this in PNG, translate it first in the PNG way.

The UN Commissioners responsible for human rights should look over to the other side of the country.

Our Melanesian neighbours need their support right now.

The human rights abuses on the other side of the border is a result of the UN turning a blind eye.

Fuck the UN. We do not need you UN people to interfere in our internal issues. Fuck out of our country.

The so called United Nations is powerless and relies on the US, which is dictating the UN.

According to my own understanding, the UN is set up and systematically designed to pursue the interests of US and NATO to pursue their interest at the pretext of human rights, democracy, liberty etc.

The core of the UN is United States and its allies who formed a NATO regime that interferes illegally in domestic matters of other states.

The core of UN want people to be ruled by their consent. They illegally invade Afganistan, Iraq at the pretex of WMD and Libya at a pretex of protecting the civilians and now they are arming the rebels and terrorists in Syria to topple Assad.

In the name of regime change that they invade and kill innocent women and children, destroy properties and set up democratic puppet government to maintain their hegemony and create markets for their products and have access to the oil.

Most of the major decisions were not made by UN but by US and NATO so I think there is no need for UN to interfere on our domestic matters. The question is who gave them power-people? I think they should fuck out of our country!

UN - Please look over to the other side of the Island of New Guinea (Papua) as a matter of urgency before giving another lecture to Papua New Guinea.

That blot tips the "complicity and ignorance scale" of UN like nothing else in this part of the world.

The atrocities there have been endorsed by the UN and has been consciously ignored for 50 odd years now.

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