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10 May 2013


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Sorry, in my last comment I meant to write Eremas in the second paragraph.

Silly me! Eremas and Erasmus are a bit similar. Let's just call him Wartoto. Sorry Erasmus.

Sorry, Erasmus, but as a Christian I am not allowed to take another's life no matter what they have done.

The Law in PNG must be developed to the state where people like Erasmus can be given a fair trial. All the people he has hurt should be called to give evidence of his crimes, starting with the poor Headmistress who wanted the best for her school that she had worked so hard at improving.

It is so sad that the people who had the evidence and the power to prosecute him in the past were told by certain people to "tread softly". These certain people probably hold property in Cairns as well. We need to find out the names of these certain people and see what corrupt ways they gained their wealth.

I pray that Wartoto will go to gaol and will do a Crossroad Bible Institute Course and I will be be his instructor and have to check his work and write letters of encouragement.

I hope he will repent and become a true "School Captain" and want to work to show up all the other PNG people who have stolen money from the people of PNG in various ways.

In Sydney at the moment the ICAC is trying to nail some of the previous NSW Labor government members who made many millions of dollars in very corrupt ways by using their parliamentary connections. A certain journalist from the Sydney Morning Herald has played a major part in exposing these crimes.

In Newcastle we have a Police whistle-blower exposing horrific crimes in the Catholic Church which had been covered up for many years.

The Australian Federal Police should be able to help the PNG police to nail Wartoto but the ordinary people of PNG, like yourself, must do some "pushing" even if it is just "pushing the pen".

Barbara, may I suggest we take this Wartovo guy and hang him to the death now!

I hear there is a case pending in the PNG High Court to determine whether he is guilty or not of criminal charges.

But who gives a rat's arse about courts and their silly processes. Let's nail this guy with the briliance of journalism and the flare of a KKK hanging party!

This is so corrupt. You are a PNG citizen, Mr Wartoto, but your action is not what I think should make you a model for the future citizens of your own country.

You've drawn a bad picture of yourself and as well as your own people.

And to those politicians owning a number of properties in Australia, I think they should be penalised for this.

The money that was use to create this large properties, where did it come from? Is it from their own pockets or not?

Hard to believe that criminals are getting so sophisticated every day.

Kapris got out of prison after the government had to waste money on him.

Thus death penalty looks good on me!

Tingting tasol.

Readers from other states may not be aware but McKenzie and Baker, while still quite young, are two of the finest investigative journos in Oz.

Their yarns are printed regularly in The Age but with Fairfax Media's extensive links these days also appear in the SMH and regional dailies - such as my own local: the Bendigo Advertiser in central Victoria.

McKenzie and Baker exposed the Securency shenanigans (currency fiddling) of 18-24 months back, and unless I'm completely wrong snared Walkley Awards for that very detailed piece of digging.

So PNG Attitude readers can rest assured McKenzie and Baker will have nailed Wartoto's activities pretty thoroughly.

Eremas Wartoto graduated from Keravat National High School in 1984. He had been one of the two school captains and was a noted debater. He went on to become a chartered accountant.

Past Keravat students are shocked and angry at what Eremas Wartoto has done with his life.

One hard working ex-Keravat student who holds a responsible position in Water PNG stated, “It is a very hurtful experience when you have worked very hard all your life and someone just comes from nowhere and before long we find out that he is a very rich man.”

An ex-Keravat man who lectures as Unitech remarked, “I am very surprised and amused at how much people can do to entertain themselves ahead of the needs of others.”

Another replied, “It is quite impossible to believe of such occurrences. There are similar situations occurring in most developing countries around the world today.

"It may be impossible to believe they happen but they have happened so it is possible to believe nothing is impossible after all. These are bad practices and done only by the big guns. Let us keep to ourselves and never be like them”.

Former Keravat teachers commented, “Just read the article.It makes you sick! I hope justice is done as many people have already suffered”.

Another commented, “A good kick up the ass and a no nonsense cancellation of Eremas’s 457 visa, with no appeal allowed and instant deportation, would be a breath of fresh air”.

This is great news. Hopefully it will be a wake up call to the Australian Government to root out all the corrupt individuals from PNG who have found a "safe haven" in places like Cairns.

My old Cairns friend tells me sadly that "the place has changed" and is no longer safe. No wonder, if it is now inhabited by crooks from PNG.

I think some of them have probably been tricking the local inhabitants who would not have much understanding of the true situation in PNG.

Now the Australian Immigration Department have been informed hopefully they can make contact with reliable people in PNG to see that justice is done.

Sadly we hear that the present PNG Foreign Minister, who met our Foreign Minister, Bob Carr, at the end of last year, is also under suspicion and is evidently involved with Wartoto.

I hope the PNG government has enough trustworthy members to sort out the truth and prosecute those individuals, no matter what rank they hold, who have acted corruptly.

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